Friday 25 December 2009

Plasma special info and notice for you all social networking fans!

I hope you've had a good Christmas (I know for some of you It's still going on)! You can show off what you got on the forum thread I created:

The plasma special will end on the 29th December, so if you have some left over xmas money or just feeling plasma hungry and want some on the cheap, get some now! (Also for people are addicted to candy). This same date is when the Candy Canes will be removed so make sure you all eat it by then. (Will be another reminder for this on the next blog when I make the profile contest winner announcement).

For an update on RoBs/my social networks:

ReignOfBlood/My Twitter:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Page:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Group:

I have made a fresh MYSPACE ReignOfBlood page. So please join it:

I have also made a MySpace account public to everyone (I use Facebook for my personal stuff). So you can feel free to add me to your Myspace if you want:

Thanks & enjoy the rest of the holidays.



Anonymous said...

First!!! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas too Ash

Anonymous said...

nice work left over x mas money (hehe) *claps* nice way to make money

Blood Shard said...

*Smiles* Thank you Ash,,
Cool as hates,,,

Admeta[..Cupid..] said...

Brillant, Thank you Ash!

Anonymous said...

You spoil us, thanks ash!

Anonymous said...

What about the santa hat any hint to that?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ash... Now About that Santa Hat and 10th Candy Cane?

Anonymous said...

I think it is ridiculous that there are so many bad candy canes.

! out of 5 was a good one.

What is the point of giving them to us if most of them are bad?

It takes all the fun out of recieving them.
And this game needs all of the positive attributes it can get.

Sp please stop wasting our time with your superficial lip service telling us that we are getting something, and in reality we get nothing.

The rest of my time here is still fun though. Thanks Ash

Anonymous said...

*Points upwards* someone has been eating too many

Cheers Ash!

DarkAsh said...

The bad candies come up randomly. And no, the game needs more negative effects, otherwise everything is too easy.

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