Monday 14 December 2009

Competition info & quest ideas!

2009 Christmas Competition 1 - Profile Contest

Okay for this years Xmas competition I decided to go for a profile contest. The person who creates the best Christmas themed profile (Which is not tacky) will win 150 plasma!! Click here to enter your profile into the contest. Ends December 27th where the winner will be declared shortly after.

I am going to allow players (such as yourselves) to suggest and discuss possible ideas for quests! This will help me come up with more original and fun quest ideas for you all to complete. The forum post can be found here.

At the end of the week I will be hiding more candy canes, so keep your eye out!



Anonymous said...

First comment hehe...

Anonymous said...

Ok can I just say am super excited about the profile contest and the quest ideas:D

Blood Shard said...

*Smiles* OK,It may not hurt me much,,,ahh
I am in,,
Yes,,More candy,,and Quests,,,Gugs to you Ash,,
Thank you,,,

Blood Shard said...

OOOPs,,My bad,,,Should have said ;;
Hugs to you Ash,,,lol
So ,Sorry,,,lol

Kashka Roo Hades said...

*Dances at the mention of the profile contest.* Let's do this!! :P *Plots*

Anonymous said...

sure whynot im in

Gabriella DeathWish said...

Ash just wanted to let you know that the gamefusion link in the voting portal hasn't worked for me to vote now for about 2weeks. I get the turns, but sadly, RoB doesn't get the vote point.
<3 Gabriella and Mistletoe <3

DarkAsh said...

Got a site coming up to replace GamerFusion :)

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