Wednesday 2 November 2016

New Subscription Packs (Part 2)


I am glad to see people settling into the new RED currency. A currency that can be used to purchase game store packs, get money off game store packs, that can be easily traded, given away and distributed.  If you missed the last update where I introduced the RED currency, you can click here to get caught up.

This post is part 2 of 3 of introducing changes to the game store. Today we'll be focusing on the Plasma Shop and subscriptions.

Plasma Shop Updates

The Dead City Plasma Shop has been given an updated look, and a few new options. I have tried to consolidate all things plasma into the plasma shop, so you know all of the things you can spend your precious plasma on.

There is also a new section of the Plasma Shop dedicated to Plasma Boons. Plasma Boons are convenience extras you can buy, which are all one-time. Head to the Plasma Shop to check those out.

Subscription Updates & New Packs

We have many subscribers to our special subscribe only packs, and today I'm happy to announce new packs, and a new payment method available to everyone.

The hurdle currently with subscription packs is that it was available only if you had a Paypal account. Not everyone has one, not everyone wants one, and people have been asking for some time if there was a way to subscribe without the hassle of a Paypal account. And today I can happily announce there is! I have teamed up with a new payment provider who specialises in developer friendly payments and subscriptions, and from now you can signup to one of the new Reign Of Blood subscription packs with any credit or debit card, no Paypal account required.

What's even better, is that I know some people who buy packs during the month as well as their subscriptions coming in, sometimes feel they have too many VIP days. Well, you no longer have to feel that way! There is a new option where you can temporarily have the RED value of your payment instead of your subscription pack, to use on something else! Pretty cool, huh?

Click here (new window) to check out all the new subscription packs!

Why Subscribe? (More Rewards!)

Well, firstly you get a choice of any great subscribe-only packs, and there are now brand new reward tiers you get at the start of the month if you are subscribed. All the information can be found on the rewards page.

These bonuses include a collectible for every month (up to 12) you're subscribed, extra Plasma and Vials. And these are on top of the monthly VIP and VIP+ rewards you already get. Click here to see the full list of rewards you have access to.


So today we've seen a couple more Plasma uses and a brand new subscription system with a new payment method. Once again, I have written up a forum post to further explain some of these changes, and the thoughts behind them. I suggest you give it a read after you're done with this blog post, especially if you're subscribed already, click here to see it.

Finally, I have added SSL to all the payment pages, just to add that bit of extra security.

Part 3 will be coming soon!


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