Monday 28 November 2016

Coven & Gym Updates

Coven Updates

One of the biggest suggestions made in regards to covens is to have the ability to save your progress and contributions to a coven, letting you leave for a while.

This is now a free option for everyone to use!

When leaving your coven,  you'll be given an option to save all your stats. This allows you to join another coven, mess around in there, and it not effect your previous coven stats. When you want to go back to your first coven, all the stats will be restored.

Gym Updates

The Dead City Gym is probably one of the most visited places in the whole game, so today I have made it a little better by making a few tweaks here and there.

More Motivation!
Firstly, I have increased the amount of motivation and added a new option to earn more. As you can see in the screenshot below, your basic free motivation is now 30, up from 25. VIP vampires get an extra +20,  and VIP+ vampires get another +20. Of course, there is the extra 25 if you have the new Gym Motivation Plasma Boon, and finally, if you got at least 100 PvP wins yesterday, you'll get an extra 25 motivation today.

Some of the other changes I have made to the Dead City Gym are listed below.

  • Refined and improved the overall look of the Gym
  • Added a brand new training guide page, showing all you need to know
  • Claim motivation page now gives full breakdown
  • Motivation now defaults to the motivation you have, not turns
  • New label below each training method to show what you're expected to result
  • Added 24 motivation based missions (count starts today)
  • Motivation claimed added to Misc Stats page

I have manually reset everyone's motivation for today. So if you have used it already, you can go use it again! The early bird indeed gets the worm.

Token Reminder

I know some of you are rather forgetful. And that forgetfulness can sometimes lead to frustration. I'm talking about your quest tokens. If you're distracted, you may miss the deadline to claim them and then they're gone forever. Your grandmother could be cooking a delicious dinner, your favourite football team could be scoring the winning goal, you come back to RoB and completely forget to cash them in. But now, at 11pm game time, you'll get a notification to remind you to use your credits before the hour is up. This is completely free.


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