Monday, 7 March 2016

Equipment Update Part 2

Equipment Update Part 2

This blog contains part 2 of the recent equipment updates mission.  You'll find part 1 right here, where I added the ability to allow you to equip a shield in your primary weapon slot if you'd prefer extra defence over damage. I added sharpness and luck to your equipment, and gave the equipment page an updated look. Part 2 is listed below, which is the smallest, but maybe the biggest impact of all 3 updates. Part 3 will be following very soon!

Rubies In Shields

Recently I enabled the ability for you to equip a shield in your slot 1 instead of a weapon. For some that love defence, realised one flaw in doing this. And that's missing out on ruby bonuses.

You've never been able to put Blood Rubies into shields because it simply made your block % be way too high. But after the recent update allowing you to have a shield in your slot 1, there is a sacrifice of a Blood Ruby bonus if you have it there instead of a weapon.

So from today, you can bind Blood Rubies into shields. But keep in mind, they will only be active if you have a shield in slot 1. This will allow you to increase your block% up another 36%, to make up for the loss of 36% critical% rubies. The path of attack, defence or balanced are now all viable.

Part 3 coming soon,

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