Monday, 28 March 2016

The Weekly Quest

Easter Event

The Easter event is in full swing and will continue to run until the 30th. If you missed the last blog post telling you all about it, click here to get caught up. It's egg.... you know what, I'll skip the witty wordplay. Don't let any baby eggs go to waste!

Organise Organise Organise...

As its the Easter weekend I've decided to take it slow and do some organising. As I said a few posts back there is plenty of cool stuff in the pipeline, and today I've gone through and sort of made a priority order of everything. So now I have a much clearer vision of the updates to roll out over the course of the year. Of course next is part 3 of the equipment updates, which will include a brand new equipment type. But first...

The Sunday Daily

Today I have added a new 'The Weekly Quest' quest. This quest, counts all of the quest tokens you've spent during the week, and gives you an extra free quest token boost depending on how many quests you've completed during the week on each Sunday. Pretty generous, eh?

Enjoy the rest of the Easter event,

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