Wednesday 23 March 2016

Easter Event 2016

Easter Event 2016

Easter is with us a little earlier this year it seems, and a little close to St. Patrick's day.  That doesnt meant I'm going to ignore one of them! The variety pack was crazy popular, a big thanks to who bought one of those, but now its time to enjoy Easter. So let's start the celebrations!

Quests For The Golden Eggs

There are 3 big beautiful golden eggs available that are filled with even more beautiful baby eggs, which you can trade for delightful boosts. Crack open a golden egg by completing the Easter quests each day. The golden eggs also increase the power of...

Bunny Ears

That's right fellas, it's time to strap on a gorgeous pair of bunny ears. You can buy a pair from Dead City and increase their power by completing the standard daily quests.

VIP/Plasma Special

And of course a fantasmic VIP & Plasma sale is on offer, and this will run throughout the event. You can view the full list of offers by clicking here.

The event will be begin from midnight Thursday 24th March (Wednesday evening) and end Wednesday 30th March. There will be game update notifications as to when this goes live.


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