Wednesday 10 February 2016

Valentines Event 2016

Valentines Event 2016

It's that time of year again. Love is all around, and the killing is even more brutal. This years Valentine's will include old favourites and some new treats.  Are you ready?

The Reigning Couple

As I posted a couple days ago, the Reigning Couple will be alive in this event. Grab a partner and take part, and the top couples will win roses at the end of the event. Every couple will get a rose for taking part too, of course.

Seasonal Equipment

You might remember that back in Christmas 2015 I introduced a new seasonal equipment slot. Now, as a new event is upon us, it is time to further take advantage of this awesome feature.

This Valentine's seasonal equipment type will be Heart Lockets.  Purchase and upgrade them in the Valentines event section of the Dead City.

Ripping 'earts

The heart ripping is back! Battle other vampires to have a chance to rip their hearts out, and then trade those hearts for more turns or roses.  Delicious. You can then trade roses for more rewarding rewards.

Give Love

Where would Valentines be if you couldn't show your love to another? Well, once again you can. Go to a vampire's profile and give love until you go blue in the face, (or your bank account dries up).

Annual Love/Hate Vote

The big vote is on. Do you love or hate Valentines? Cast your vote for a free prize.

VIP & Plasma Special

Once again you can get your mitts on a deliciously tempting plasma special.  There is also a lovely little couples special pack with a unique collectible colour variant as well.

This event will run from the 11th to the 18th, starting right now.


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