Tuesday 13 December 2016

RED Lottery Program

RED Lottery

I made a forum thread a few days ago with an idea to help further fund Reign Of Blood ads that won't cost anybody anything extra. The idea is Amazon shopping.

When shopping on Amazon through Reign Of Blood's link Amazon pay a small % for each sale. For every $1 that Reign Of Blood earns through your Amazon shopping, it will be spent on Reign Of Blood ads and I'll put 100 RED into the the RED Lottery program.

At the end of each month, active players who login with 3 days of the draw date will be given a free ticket to win a share of the RED. If you make larger Amazon purchases, you can submit the sale to me for extra entry tickets, see the RED Lottery page for more info.

This costs you nothing extra! Before you buy something on Amazon, go through the links on Reign Of Blood's RED Lottery page to add to the RED jackpot.

It is currently only available to USA and UK players, and I will also be looking at extending this to eBay and other online market places if this is a success.

You can check out the RED Lottery page using the link below. The jackpot will be updated every couple of days when the credit for sales is applied.

Click here to check out the dedicated RED Lottery page


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