Saturday 31 December 2016

2016 In Review

Happy New Year!

Top of 2016

The top players of 2016 have been revealed! Here's a little extra for those at the top. The top 5 players of each of the 4 categories (pvp wins, blood, wheel spins & coven exp) will be rewarded with (Queenie will be rewarded with the most being high on them all):

1st Place Prize: 500 RED, 20 WP, 50 QP, 10 Plasma,  #1 2016 Collectible
2nd Place Prize: 250 RED, 15 WP, 30 QP, 8 Plasma,  #2 2016 Collectible
3rd Place Prize: 100 RED, 10 WP, 20 QP,  6 Plasma, #3 2016 Collectible
4th Place Prize: 75 RED, 5 WP, 15 QP, 5 Plasma,  #4 2016 Collectible
5th Place Prize: 50 RED, 3 WP, 10 QP,  4 Plasma, #5 2016 Collectible

Top 30 players in each category will also get 10 RED, 2WP, 10 QP, 2 Potion Credits (remember, these rewards stack, and if you're on multiple top 2016 leaderboard, you'll get these multiple times). Thanks for playing this year, and enjoy the rewards! Click here to view leaderboard.

2017 Begins

2017 has now begun, and that means a fresh new top of year leaderboard. The Current Top Players page will now display the top of players of this year going forward.

RED Lottery Results December 2016

The RED Lottery results for December 2016 have now been drawn randomly. The jackpot at the end of the month was 2048 RED. There are a total of 20 winners, and top 5 were:

1st place was Alegna McClellan (520460)  winning 682 RED
2nd place was Devereux Tantalus Nex (680995) winning 341 RED
3rd place was ~Mad Vlad LaVey~ (463334) winning 256 RED
4th place was †ÆÐELÞRYÐOM† `Xii (316141) winning 155 RED
5th place was Lady Death (5) winning 103 RED

To find out if you were in the top 20, click here to view the full draw information.

The jackpot has been reset ready for this new month. Another draw happen at the end of January, so start shopping on Amazon through Reign Of Blood this month to add to that jackpot.

2016 In Review

2016 is over, but before we look ahead to 2017, lets take a quick look back over 2016 and highlight just a small selection of the changes/updates for the year. 458 updates were posted throughout the year on the game updates page.

  • Loads of new equipment updates including sharpness bonuses, luck stat, and new ways to use shields with weapons, using rubies in shields, and new Faith Stones.
  • 'The Weekly' quest added to further reward those who do daily quests every day.
  • RoB Mobile had a load of upgrades and new features over the year.
  • New random WP rewards for being on the Activity Feed.
  • Over 100 new missions.
  • Coven overhaul including new look, quest streamlining, VIP features, management & more.
  • Game store updates including the new RED universal currency.
  • Plasma Boons feature added, and brand new subscription packs and payment method.
  • Gym updates including more motivation.
  • Loads of RP and RP character updates and enhancements.

I look forward to what 2017 brings us, and don't fret, the pipeline is tasty.


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