Sunday 10 July 2016

Revisited: Covens

Welcome to another issue of the Reign Of Blood Revisited series, where I go back to older features and give them some love and attention to bring them up to modern standards.

Covens have been around since the dawn of Reign Of Blood. Today, I'm happy to announce some further tweaks and updates I have made to them.

New Look

As you've probably noticed, a lot of the coven pages are starting to look a bit dated compared with the newer features of Reign Of Blood. So I have gone through them all and given them a fresh new and updated look. This includes formatting, spacing and tidying up, as well as sorting out all the back links.

Quest Streamlining

We have 2 types of coven quests. One that is pre-set, and one that your coven owner has complete control over. I've made some changes to the quests, hopefully for the better.

All coven quests are now streamlined into one page with 2 categories.

Firstly, we have the "Fixed Coven Quests". These hold the (now 3) fixed quests that you can do once per day.

Quest 1: Death  (Kill 100 vampires that give over 3 coven exp per battle)
Quest 2: Death+ (Kill 250 vampires that give over 20 coven exp per battle)
Quest 3: Feeds (Give 40 Vadenhill humans to the coven)

And then we have the "Custom Coven Quests" which remain unchanged.

What has changed though, is the ability to complete the fixed quests and the custom quests in the same day. The only restriction put in place, is you can only have one fixed quest active at a time. The quest page itself is organised much better now, too.

Coven VIP

Covens have had a VIP option for a while now, but today I've made some changes and additions. Firstly, I've re-designed the coven VIP page, making it much more tidy and clear. Secondly, I've added two more VIP features:

  • Have up to 10 custom quest parameters
  • The ability to upload a VIP avatar icon which displays around the game

This adds to the great  VIP features of sending mass blood letter to all members, 10% off relic costs, and stand out features like coloured and bold coven name on lists.

Lastly, I've changed the way you can purchase coven VIP. The cost for coven VIP has always been 2 VIP Credits.  But today I've added one more option, which gives your coven +31 VIP Days for 1 VIP Credit and 5 plasma.

Coven Asset Management

One of the biggest chores of owning a coven is the difficulty of getting rid of equipment you don't want. I'm happy to announce today that I've built a reselling store directly into covens. So now, using a new link on the top of the coven armoury, coven owners and equipment staff can easily sell off equipment they don't want for half their cost, just like the regular reseller store.

I have also added a new option, which i'm sure will be very handy, to add a custom message when lending funds or equipment. The message appears in the vampire's news feed. This removes the need to send a blood letter follow up to explain any reasons for lending or giving funds/equipment.

Coven Hall

I have made a couple changes to the Coven Hall page too. I have tidied up a little, and added a order by table at the top of the active covens list. This gives you the option to order the coven list by name, level, VIP days, activity, status and selling point.

Selling point is a new feature that allows you to just write a sentence or two to describe what your coven offers. It is displayed on your coven's info & requirements page.

This coven lists now show VIP coven's avatars. So you VIP coven owners should get one uploaded!

Top Covens 

At Dead City we have a 'Top Covens' page which shows the total stats of all the covens. Today I've added one more which focuses more on now. On this new page, which is also listed at Dead City, will show the players who are earning coven exp today, and the top ones yesterday.

Small Things

As always, there is a small things section which lists smaller (but not insignificant) changes and tweaks made to the covens. I hope you appreciate these, too.
  • Coven announcements box no longer appears if its empty
  • Jump down to links area link added to the top of the main page
  • Potion storage now orders potions by name
  • Edit quest link on the quest page itself for owner/staff
  • Quick links on coven VIP page to use those features
  • Coven VIP now shows colours and avatar on relic page, and member profiles
  • VIP coven owners can quickly click avatar on coven page to quickly change it
  • Tokens to spend and power relic status added to the main coven page
  • New coven forum option to switch staff boards to non-staff boards, and vice versa
  • Coven co-owners now have full access to edit coven forum boards
  • Almost doubled the amount of coven exp humans get from Vadenhill
  • When searching coven news, you now have the option of adding a keywords along with the vampire ID you're searching for. (For example search for ID 1 with the keyword "donated" to list all the donations that vampire has made.)
  • Link added to your coven's enemy list on your personal enemy list
  • Coven daily quests link added to your daily quests page
  • Ability to add a selling point added to edit info & requirements page
  • The member count on coven homepage now links to member list

I hope you enjoy these coven updates, I've opened up a dedicated thread for any questions or bug reports.


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