Friday 22 July 2016

Missions & MM Event

Happy Friday vampires of Reign Of Blood.  I am sorry it's been a small while since any updates, adding missions takes a hell of a lot of longer time than I thought, seeing as now each mission has to be added 4 times.

New Missions

Today I have a bunch of new missions for you all. 66 to be exact. All are extensions to the current missions for those who have powered through them. I have also added  a brand new mission  category which has 12 missions based on the new coven quest: Death+

These are of course added to the plasma mission lists too.

Metal Man Appreciation Event

The Metal Man, Grim, has been with us for quite some time. Sitting comfortably in Ghost Town collecting the metals required to build... something. He's been working hard for many years, and I think he deserves a special appreciation event.

Today there is a brand new Metal Man quest: Metal Man IX

Along with the new Metal Man quest, we're going to have a 5 day mini-event to celebrate the efforts of the Metal Man. Head to the Dead City for full information!


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