Wednesday 21 September 2016

Superior Support

Waiting for things suck. You have to wait in the dentist office, for Space Mountain, even have to wait to pay a parking ticket. You also have to wait for me to get back to you when you have a question, query or bug report. I check my blood letters and tickets a throughout the day, but there have been times when you might have sent me one just after I checked, and your problem can go unsolved for hours, even more so if its bed time for me. (As most of your are American, the time zone difference can be a pain for some. Just remember game time is my time.)

I do spend the majority of my day in front of the computer screen, but when I'm in the zone coding or thinking, I tend to focus on that until my mind snaps out of it. Then I'll check my blood letters.

I hate it when I have to wait. So now, it'll happen less to you.

Whenever I get a blood letter or a new ticket is submitted, I get a little tap on my wrist. So within seconds (as long as I'm not asleep or otherwise impaired), I know your blood letter or ticket is waiting for me, and the next available moment I have, I'll check it out and get back to you.

Edit to add: I have also added this functionality to when coven or house mass blood letters are sent. This will get the approval times reduced also.

This will allow me to get back to you as soon as possible, keeping wait times down.


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