Sunday 1 November 2009

NOVEMBER COMPETITION & halloween results.

Going to try something different this month. Not going to do something where you send in
entries etc, it's more of testing your use of the internet.

Competition 1 - Spread your public profile
You have the option to make your profile public, some of you don't want to do that, and that's fine. But for the people that do, this competition is for you. Basically I want you to post around the web, anywhere you can think of your public profile URL.  (Before you say anything, this is not a cheap trick to get you guys to advertise, there is another reason behind it which i might explain after the competition). For example, any site you're on where it requires you to put "Your website" in, put your RoB public profile. I will be crawling the web when it ends and the first 3 i stumble upon will win 35 plasma each. So the idea is to post it on quality sites. For example, if i searched ReignOfblood on myspace first and it brings up a list of people who have put it on there, I'd choose the number 1 result. I will be using many searching methods, so post on as many sites, forums etc as you wish. But please DO NOT SPAM. If i see you spamming it you'll be disqualified. Remember all for doing this, it might get more clicks, meaning you'd get referrals, meaning refpoints =  more QP & plasma (See referral page).

Competition 2 - Activity on Facebook
This one is for you Facebook lovers, basically i wanna see some activity on the group and fan page. SO on both pages I want you to show your love (or hate) for RoB by posting on both walls. Make sure you include your ID. The top 3 posts (from both group and fan page) that I like / find funny etc will win 25 plasma. For example you could post something like ... "I play RoB during the day and dream of it during the night cuz i'm that cool". That's stupid tbh but you get the idea.  But you can't post the same thing on both the fan page and the group. The links are too the right of this blog >>>

Both competitions will end November 10th.  Any questions please comment this and i'll reply, i'm here for the rest of today.

Good luck!

And last but not least, thank you for everything who took part in the final halloween hunt, these guys won a sparkling 5 plasma each.

Green pumpkin 1 - Erzsebet (178282)
Green pumpkin 2 - Lost Elana Skittle (83807)
Green pumpkin 3 - Blood-Luna (80314)
Green pumpkin 4 - Bella (192918)
Green pumpkin 5 - avantgarde (109004)
Green pumpkin 6 - NOT FOUND (I hid this one goooooooooooooooood)
Green pumpkin 7 - SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line (175390)
Green pumpkin 8 - LordBevan (118943)
Green pumpkin 9 - Alucard The Jackal (118943)
Green pumpkin 10 - Lorelei Drazdof (123174)

Onto A VIP notice, I'm afriad that Boku has to be taken off. The reason for this is because they've basically kicked me. This is the email...

"Dear BOKU publisher,
We’re reviewing our publisher accounts and, due to the costs of servicing each account, are have no choice buy to close down partners with less than $1000 USD in monthly traffic to work with one of our payment solution provider partners.

Your account currently does not meet our minimum volume requirements and will be disabled as of November 30, 2009.  Any outstanding balances will be paid out in accordance with our terms and conditions.

How rude is that? Zaypay however will remain. Will find a replacement for Boku in the coming weeks.

As  I stated on the last blog I am going away tomorrow till Friday, so all manual VIP packs (Google Checkout) will be added on Friday.

Have a good week =D



White Tiger AKA Legion the Hermit. said...

Rock-on Ash. Have a great weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you can find a replacement to Boku.
On competition note.. I might try 2 even if I'll fail :p

QOTD said...

thats something i did a long time ago is post my url on my fav websites and profiles all over the net

Anonymous said...

#1 is essentially an SEO contest. Is the use of Adwords allowed? :P -Phoenixwings

Anonymous said...

Even though I do not use Boku that is completely rude of them. However, I am more then amused that a company allows letters like that to go out with completely poor spelling and grammar practices.

New competitions do sound interesting though.

Bella said...

I really hope you can someone to replacement

Deamon Whispers said...

I believe that pmkin was in my Bl ash but I couldnt get to the page do to my slow internet connection on my ship :( fast enough befor midnight and then when I did I negleted to copy the url for the post But I did find it thats all that matters it was in my Bl :d

Black Fox said...

Posh. The websites that I go to the most probably won't show up in any of your searches. However I'll make an attempt at this months comps.

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

The whole week was a blast Ash! I wanna know where that bloody pumpkin was ... cuz I went to every corner of the site to find it. hehe Have a wonderful holiday, get some rest ... but not too much! After all holidays are for having fun ... you rest when you get back! lol

Anonymous said...

Good competion Ash lol i 'll post my picrures on those things when i upgrade my self to hard core lol

Anonymous said...

Damn it! Boku was my only VIP purchasing Method... :( :(

Symphony said...

What about personal websites. Not Mayspace or Face Book? I've had you on my personal website for sometime now. I softly promote my website on my myspace and Face Book, but as a site owner, I do most of my advertsing for the places I like there.

Anonymous said...

this work for ya ash

lol have fun in paris

Anonymous said...

5 plasmas for the green pumpkin? i found one and only got one
--midnight vanity

Anonymous said...


Phoenixwings said...

Also, you said "quality sites" and then named Myspace. That was just a joke, right? :P

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