Saturday 14 November 2009

Competition extended and idea for story quests

A very good morning to you all.

First thing, the November competition has been extended due to the slow speed in which search engines etc index URLs on sites. Prolly for a week or two more.

A feature that has been quite heavily suggested is running quests which tells the story of how the Dead City came to be. I'm more than happy to do that. But, I want you to be part of it. I'm not the best story teller, but in my head I have a pretty good idea how I want the story to be set up. But with your input and ideas I can make it better! Head over to my forum post and give me your feedback. I'll be using little ideas here and there from people to make it a really interesting story and fun to experience via quests.

I'll be adding more regular quests on Monday, but for now I got a ton of paper work to sort out, I think i need a secretery!

Enjoy the weekend


Lady Death said...

lol Thats what happens when ya own your own company. ;)

Blood Shard said...

I think that would be great ,,
I do wonder how the Dead City came to be,,,,
I would gladly participate,,

Bay Leaf said...

Telling the story of how the Dead City came into being sounds great.
I'll gladly participate

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

Darkest Greetings Ash ... *bows head*
Wow! You continue to come up with excellent ways in which we can all participate in the game, and this is--in my view--the best!!! :D Thanks for putting this out there to allow all of us with some storytelling ability or desires to participate. The idea rocks, and as I always say ... so do you! ;)

QOTD said...

ill be ur secretery

Anonymous said...

come on QOTD we all know i look better slumped over a desk lol

Great work Ash!!!!!! cant wait to see the next instalment

Anonymous said...

This'll be Epic.

Semera Bloodlust said...

A secretary could be fun! ;) haha

Truegame1only said...

you all are crazy lol but ash i would love to help if i can i got plenty of idea already to help with the story if you like i can BL it to you just let me know

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