Friday 16 October 2009

Only a few days left of the $10 competition...

So get your entries in now, $10 a shot.

For more info (if you don't already know) :

I have this weekend COMPLETELY FREE. So expect to see some more updates over the weekend :)

One more thing... a RoB staff member is hosting a contest for all members of RoB to participate in to celebrate her birthday. First prize is 500k! Click here for information on how to enter and win.

There is also next months FREE official RoB competition coming up too!

Keep your eye on the updates :)



Anonymous said...

What about the server issues today.. It's next to impossible to connect to lately.. Says the server can not be found until you get "lucky" to nail the right node.

Black Fox said...

We want a Samhain! (Halloween) Plasma! Sale!

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