Thursday 27 January 2011

Bounty hunter changes & YouTube changes

Youtube Videos
I've had a few reports of YouTube videos not working on profiles anymore. I have checked YouTube out and it seems their default video code is now an iFrame (for some reason) and for security, iFrames are not allowed on your profile. There is an option, however, to select "Use old embed code", you should do that if you want to place a video on your profile :)

Bounty hunter changes (Does not apply to coven bounties)
To much my amazment, the bounty system is a HUGE hit!
Here are some updates for it...

- Plasma bounty market added
- 25 cap limit. All bounties over 25 have been reduced to 25 (I promise it wont get reduced again). Higher kill bounties take too long, especially with several vampires fighter over it, this in turn will just clutter up the bounty market. Smaller bounties with smaller cash are a lot more popular than bigger bounties with bigger cash prizes. You're free to keep posting more bounties on the same person after someone has completed it :)
- You can now remove yourself from any bounties you've accepted.
- You can now post up to 10 bounties at one time.
- Leader-boards will be added with a new update coming soon ;)
- Attack link added to the your active bounties page

Coming up
Loads more features still coming, although one of the next feature will be a "social" update. Some of the things a lot of people keep asking for, and then some more. More to come.

Spam attack
I love comments and feedback on the blog posts, however last week we had  bunch of spam comments, mainly consisting of if any of you would be interested in phone sex... So all comments have to go through an approval proccess, but I don't want this to stop you commenting :)



Stephanie said...

Hehe,First! Anyway,I like the additions to RoB. Makes it more and more interesting!

Dakota Moretti (319911) said...

Wow... :P All I am going to say is "Wow."

But I can't wait until the 'social' update. Should be fun!

Riz said...

I love/hate the bounties almost as much as I love/hate you!

10 bounties at once! ~drools~

Thank you for the quick upgrades and for hearing the feedback. :)

MiZz RoZziE said...

On the utubes also this mode works>>>Enable privacy-enhanced mode :-)

Shardy said...

Good Morning ,,My time,,
I see some of ZEPH's Ideas in there an the others,,Wonderful Ideas an changes Ash,,

Ty ,,,~hugs~

Anonymous said...

can we get the id number of the bounty on player.


Kitkara said...

Wow... People can be stupid with the phone sex thing.

Drakenette (288421) said...

I figured out the youtube thing on my own when I updated my profile, but good thing you mentioned it, so others know! The bounty thing keeps getting better and better! A question for you Ash, what's with the plasma bounty market?

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