Friday 5 November 2010

VIP page layout & options update, R-Paper & new server info [updated]

Afternoon everyone,

I'm getting this question a lot "What do I do with my Pumpkins?" There is only one thing you can do with them, sell them! Just click the sell link. There is no use keeping them now, as it just clogs up your inventory for things coming up.

Some new changes to the VIP
- Slightly updated the look of the VIP page
- Equipment packs have been added to the Wallie Card packs and the Ultimate Game card packs.
- You can now buy Wallie packs for other people by changing the ID

New Mobile Company
I've been approached by a mobile phone company which has a much bigger reach than Zaypay. You'll see a new section at the bottom of the VIP page which has specific mobile packs. What's even better about this mobile company, all packs are added automatically! Zaypay will (for now) still be used for the equipment pack and VIP+. You can change the ID on mobile packs and buy for other people too. For people who choose "other" as their country, there will be no set packs (yet). This company supports a lot of countries, if you want to make a purchase, there is a link to contact me, make sure you include your country and what pack you want to buy.

Wallie Card for Canadians
Wallie have released their pre-paid cards in Canada!  They are available in ExxonMobil, Canadian Tire Stores and Pioneer. Go to the VIP page and then click on the Wallie Card to search for store locations near you.

Non UK/US/CA/EU/NZ/AU players
For the players that choose "other" as their country on the VIP page, you would have had all your packs charged in USD$. It now changed so you're charged in GBP£. As we are based in the UK all payments get converted into UK pounds anyway, so instead of paying with your currency to USD to GBP we just cut out the USD part. This will help stop your purchase being as expensive if the USD isn't doing so well (against your currency and ours).

New Server
Thank you for all your support over the Halloween special, the new server has been ordered and due for installation at the end of the month, there will be a few hours downtime of course, but more on that closer to the time.

R-Paper bot
The R-Paper bot is now in action! The name will be changed when the next issue is ready (we've already decided on the name). It's basically just for people interested on what's going on with the game. I post all the important things on this blog, the R-Paper will include less important things, rumours, interviews etc etc. It's worthwhile keeping up to date with it. It's not compulsory and you will not lose out on any important information if you do not.

Wallie Card update
Wallie are running a promotion for the US & Canada players only. Details are as follows:

Wallie is a prepaid card for online games, available in over 10 countries and now also in Canada at ExxonMobile, Canadian Tire, Pioneer and about 15,000 other shops. The shops can be found on In the USA Wallie is available at various petrol stations and at over 30,000 other shops to be found on

On all Wallie-cards bought in the USA and Canada 10% extra is added for free, so for example a card of 10 Canadian Dollar contains 11 CAD value.
In addition to this, the first 1000 users will receive a free code if they register their email address and Shopping Card ID at or

Canadian outlets can be found here:

Further information on the promotion:

Players in the US will not see a Wallie link on their VIP page, if you want to take advantage of this offer then go straight to

Thanks guys & enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aha i was first gray_ghost here

Anonymous said...

nice :D:D:D

Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

Sounds good Ash. I was very impressed with the R-Paper and am looking forward to the upcoming server change. Hopefully we can begin to banish all of the damned 503 Errors.

Colette ~Kali~ said...

Congrats on new server!!!

Tass aka Kelsey said...

Congratulations on the new server Ash. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash. You are the best. Now more payment options, cool and using mobile payment doesn´t need credit card

Anonymous said...

that will help out a lot ash

Anonymous said...

i love how you include NZ as one of the top countries <3

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance for people from Bosnia&Herzegovina buy,or purchase a donator pack's just asking?

Anonymous said...

VIP in the gym is a rip..
Unlike before when there wasnt such thing as VIP+
we were able to catch the x3's more regularally..

I been on VIP for around 15 days now and out of all the times I've trained at the gym I've only caught the x3's like twice.. Even the x2's are rare.. I think I was a heck of alot better of training whilst not on VIP than when I am on VIP.. How does that make sense..

The only good thing about it is the free heal and travel around portals otherwise it wouldnt even be worth paying for these dam packs as we're not much better of for it.
Notice I never said anything about the extra turns we get, coz you take them back more times over when we go training at the gym and only give us x1's for our efferts.

DarkAsh said...

@above. You should look up on how random numbers work.

Anonymous said...

I've had x3s loads,


Anonymous said...

i havent kept a record like anon but the x3 has been extremely rare lately...also the extra blood in QoTD,whats up with that?

LordAsura said...

Sigh..seem i can;t buy large amount of plasma anymore or maybe vip max.My country currency value are alot lower VS GBP.Can only spent large amount if it changes back to USD.

Drakenette (288421) said...

OMG! Finally! I can buy a Wally prepaid in my town! (Instead of going elsewhere!) Thanks Ash!

Anonymous said...

how about being able to sell all pumpkins with a single click?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash. I bought using the new mobile payment company, Mobilefirst, and it was easier than before. Good Change.

Anonymous said...

....Can we still become Mods? :D And also if we can,the application has to be sent to the Rob-Bot(2)

Right? :D

Anonymous said...

all the upgrades are fine and swell with the server ash everything is cool but we will still get 503s with the new servers as long as players keep using those damn bots and I am not talking about the add on that you can get with firefox.
Its damn near useless to fight a coven war against a coven who has 2 or 3 members using them

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