Saturday 18 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA ROUND 2 & Ultimate Game Card now available in New Zealand and other countries!

Ultimate Game Card in New Zealand!
It has been brought to my attention that EB Games in New Zealand are stocking the Ultimate Game Card! For all your New Zealanders the UGC section on the Buy VIP page has now opened up to you.

More Ultimate Game Card updates
Why is the UGC loved by so many people? There are plenty of reasons; unable to get a credit/debit card, fear of paying for stuff online, or if you simply do not want your husband or wife to know about your plasma addiction. Remember, during the special offer periods, you can pay for the packs at the same rate as Google/PayPal with an Ultimate Game Card (This includes Wallie too). The UGC is also accepted in more countries too...

Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Philipines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan & Turkey.

Of course we don't have too many players from these countries, but if you are situated in any of these countries and want to take advantage of the UGC then please blood letter me.

It's the time for giving
With Christmas just around the corner, people have been taking full advantage of the new VIP/Plasma gifting system. Didn't know there was so much love ;)

December Competition
Just 4 days until the competition closes, make sure you get your entries in by the 22nd! Click here for info.

Because it's the Christmas period, I'm feeling extra nice so I'm going to run another double weekend, I know how much you all love them.

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest
- Double chance of finding sugar in battles and training at the xmas gym

Enjoy the weekend,


Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

As always, you have my eternal love and after hours pleasures.

Kelsey Grey said...

Awesome Ash. (:

Anonymous said...


Lydea Mey said...

Now I'm gonna show you double the love, Ash-y! *huggles twice has hard* Thanks hun.

Santa`s Little Helper said...

:D Sweet! Fankoo!

Duke Danse Macambre said...

Finally some time to get some decent training in, nice one. :D

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

WooT!!! I always say it however will say it again Ash ... you ROCK!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Cool, Ash!

Anonymous said...

Failure to mend mistakes...

Guildythewicked said...

Thank you Ash. :)

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity...are there going to be actual Christmas quests? I'm perfectly content with the sugar event, and candy canes, just curious. :P

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