Friday 31 December 2010

TOS Update, new staff layout, last call for candy & ReignOfBlood nominated for Browser Game 2010

First off I hope everyone had a good Christmas :) Now let the fun begin.

TOS changes
The TOS has been updated, no action is needed on your part, if you wish to read it again you can do by clicking here. I have also date stamped the TOS to show when it was last updated. You can discuss it here.

Staff changes
There are a few changes in the staff department, although it won't effect you, I thought I'd give you the heads up. Head over to the vampire council in the Dead City to check out the new staff layout.

Last call for candy canes
Candy canes, plasma special & all other Xmas features will be removed in the first couple days of the new year, so any candy you get, use them now!

ReignOfBlood Twitter
A new dedicated ReignOfBlood Twitter can be found @ follow if you haven't already :)

Browser Game Of The Year 2010
For those who were around last year should remember ReignOfBlood winning favourite RPG last year. We've been nominated to compete again this year! You'll see the links and instructions on the voting page. The Daily voting quest is updated to accommodate this event. If we win, free plasma & VIP for everyone! Click here for the direct voting link. Please note voting is logged, so if we win, only the people who voted will receive the VIP/Plasma win reward. It is not required to signup an account over there to have your vote count, just close the page after voting.

I'll see you in 2011 :)



Anonymous said...

Do we have to be a member of the site to get our vote counted and to get a prize if we win?

Anonymous said...

And I was first, QueenoftheNyte

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ash~! wtg on all your hard work. Good luck, you have my vote.

Zumbutu 9908

DarkAsh said...

Check the edit on the last sentence :)

42Mikey said...

lol I like the idea. Hopefully rob will win again this year. Voted already my 3 times :D

Matthew Felix (GOI) said...

RoB is the best. I am sure it will win

Anonymous said...

Voted. RoB better win, it's the best game out there! ~Zana_Fidela-Pierce (384989)

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Again you're nominated! Or ... "we're nominated?" lol I shall vote as faithfully as I did last year Ash and yeppers, congratulations once again for your hard work and whooping the competitions bums! *giggling profusely* :) Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, don't get too pissed, and Happy New Year! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

6 votes submittet, plus I bet that we will win! Happy New Year all and everyone!Cheers!
InSpK_maxB (431132)

Anonymous said...

6 votes submittet, plus I bet that we will win! Happy New Year all and everyone!Cheers!
InSpK_maxB (431132)

Ravencrest said...


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