Saturday 11 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA & getting the Christmas party started!

 Let's get the Christmas spirit rolling, shall we?

Candy canes
If you haven't already noticed, you'll find the candy cane muncher is back in action on your equipment page. Any candy canes you find can be consumed there in exchange for goodies! You can also find a link in the Dead City Christmas section.

QOTD candy
As always you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a free candy cane just by answering the question of the day, you can do this every day!

Xmas Gym
Santa's gym is now open for business! Get your Christmas workout bonuses through the December period. The VIP bonus to get to x0.03 is available to everyone during this December period! Extra bonuses are available to people who decide to get an Xmas VIP/Plasma pack (more info below). Please note that using the Xmas gym does not contribute to any of the quests or achievements you have active that require training.

Candy Maker
New this year is the CANDY MAKER. You can find the candy maker at the Dead City in the Christmas section. Any sugar stashes you find around the site can be taken to the Candy Maker to turn any found sugar into delicious candy canes!

Random Gym Sugar
You also have a chance of finding sugar in Santa's gym.  They come up a random when you're training! (VIP members have a chance to receive higher sugar amounts) In order to successfully grab the most sugar, you should probably  train your turns 1 at a time.

Random Battle Sugar
Same principle as the gym, the battle ground seems to have random stashes of sugar too :)

Daily quests with Xmas treats
Complete the regular daily quests to earn EXTRA sugar to make more candy! (Not including the QOTD quest)

VIP/Plasma special
Of course there is a VIP/Plasma special with extra candy for those who love a mega sugar rush. See the BUY VIP/PLASMA page for information on the offers :) Buying any of the special only packs gives you access to better training at the Christmas gym, go to the Dead City Christmas gym for more information.

I'm running another double weekend! What does this mean?

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest

This double weekend will end Monday morning! (P.S turn caps are not increased)

More Christmas stuff to come next week, too!



Anonymous said...

Xmas Gym

You trained your strength and gained 0.

You had XXXX strength, and you now have XXXX strength.

Perfect Ash.

echo said...

sooo sweet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Number 1?

Anonymous said...

ZOMG! I <3 YOU ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I tried it too and got 0 for a train....

What's the deal with this?

Anonymous said...

Hellz yes!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll also mention that if indeed all the DQ's give you sugar, the QOTD just gave me blood.

Way to go Ash. Are you that desperate for our money?

Anonymous said...


DarkAsh said...

Yes all the DQs give sugar EXCEPT for the QOTD read, as stated in the blog.

Anonymous said...

Then I apologize for I obviously missed that part.

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Well since Yule is my second favorite holiday as well Ash, I have to say you've made it even better this year! WooT!!! Thanks again for making every holiday extra special, it means much to me. ;) Well done and as always ... YOU ROCK!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash!

Anonymous said...

yeah, what's with the 0 training? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Funny I trained mine and got this: You trained your strength and gained 3.69

Anonymous said...

Awesome man!

Ravencrest said...


Gaebrien Alexander (376127) said...

Damn Ash... Like the holidays much? <3

leone Cuore d`Oro (277318) said...

Ash, would it be possible that you include other vip packages in your specials as well? i've been using the bundles (vip/vip+) for quite a while now, it would be nice to see some specials on those as well.

now off to try out the new gym.. ;)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the Christmas goodies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great stuff Ash. :D

Zonasin said...

You NON grateful pieces of poo poo... be happy this is even available. I can't believe people still find a way to bitch when given something for free... I personally like the candy cane feature! Well done Ash! Happy Holidays from america. dueces~

Poy said...

Thanks for all the freebies :)

But why am I not getting the double bank interest?

"2010-12-11 00:00:25 - The vampire bank manager Floyd has given you $65,000 in bank interest."

Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

@Poy: The double turns, interest, etc. just started so it should apply towards the upcoming reset.

Anonymous said...

For example: 2010-12-12 00:00:18 - The vampire bank manager Floyd has given you $114,000 in bank interest.
Which is double what I usually get.

Eden Cælia Night-Requiem said...

leone Cuore d`Oro (277318) Had a good point. I enjoy using the VIP/VIP+ bundles and it would be nice to see something like that in the special, not just the VIP and Plasma.

Enjoying the specials and interesting Christmas things. Thanks much. Happy Holidays.

hi said...

i like the weekend bonuses

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