Thursday 22 March 2012

Thermoden summary & changes

First things first, all the St Patrick's day event features and special will end on Sunday, so get what you can whilst it lasts :)

A few of my thoughts

It always makes me happy knowing a big new feature is so widely liked by many of you. The main criticism being the prices, which is of course natural. There are a few things I would like to say about it and a couple changes/bug fixes I would like to announce.

First thing is about the prices. The prices are meant to be high, we need more expensive things (that are still worth the price tags I may add) in the game. It gives the rich something to drain their money on, and something for everyone else to work towards. The problem with the money is that it increases daily with people battling, and it has effects on the market, for example plasma prices being pushed up because as there is more money around, people want more of it. People are still buying at these high prices, but hopefully putting some new money draining features into the game will help get them down just a little, so they're more accessible to everyone, not just the rich buying them every day.

If you work out that for $15mil you can increase your weapon power by 100. Compare it to plasma prices, its well worth it  (As some have figured out) :)

There has been heated discussion over the $10mil price for renaming a weapon. Is that expensive for just a status thing? Hell yeah! If you want it, you'll pay for it,  and if you don't, no harm.  You can argue people will use it more if it was cheaper, but I currently intend for it not to be a mainstream thing.


- Analyze page now shows the second weapon information.

- Second weapon having no effect in NPC arena has been addressed

- Second weapon not included in your test damage has been addressed


Armour renaming - You can now rename your armour at a cheaper cost, although this will not be viewable on the battle page.

Weapon directory - On the equipment page there is a new link at the top titled "Rename directory", it shows off the players who have paid the $10mil to get their weapon or armour renamed.

Battle Avatars - They can now be hidden. I knew as soon as i added this some would rather them not be there, so the avatars can now be hidden.


The positive effects of Thermoden - Plasma market prices have now gone down a little, could that be due to the special also? Maybe. But prices were getting very close to a $1million a few weeks ago, but we're down now to below $750k. Because of the money being taken out the game because of it, the bar prices have decreased, and this is why....

The question that many are asking, and I'm happy to answer, is that Thermoden in the last 6 days (since it opened) has drained a massive $2.7billion from our economy. Pretty impressive!

Thanks for all the great feedback, keep it coming [Thermoden thread] :)



Duke Danse Macambre said...

The plasma prices will go back up after Easter, people want cash atm for the new features and a special gives them a great way to get the most plasma for their buck.
With Easter so close plasma prices won't go back the way they were until after.

Great new feature though Ash.
I like it all.
Just Wish the armour name would appear as well.

Anonymous said...

Rotten timing,I was set to make a killing in market

Anonymous said...

Yay! No more side boob! Thanks Ash :p

Anonymous said...

Nice weapons you have there Ash. A 700!! Too bad they could not save you from Darkwolf_the spork king (281739)'s Sporks. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, good implementing on Therm.

Anonymous said...

Nice updates, thanks.
How can I hide the battle avatars?

Thank you!

Queen Riz said...

Thank you Ash for getting this together. I am happy with the new city, extra weaponry, bug fixes and await further development of Thermoden. I know there has to be more going on there than these upgrades.

I predict the plasma market will stay lower for some time and then slowly bubble back up. There's a lot of selling happening as people raise funds for weapons and upgrades. Once the glut of players have upgraded, then it will be just a matter of time. I'm not going back to selling unless it's over $880k in the mass market.

I'd like to see more features and advantages added as people rank higher to encourage ranking, we need more high ranked players to feed off of.

The mentor achievement/quest/program needs to established for the nooblets. We need more fresh blood!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep the excellent new feature coming ... great job !!! Nice mention of mentoring Riz, I agree with you on that one :-)

Blackantha said...

I like the Battle avatars being shown, like to see who I.m fighting. Thanks for all the hard work Ash.

Anonymous said...

thanx for this awsome game and all its new features cant sop playin it even though jm new in thjs but things are getting easier and better xxoxxoxx

Lady Juliette said...

Thanks to the awesome features i am now addicted to this game! thanks!

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