Sunday 11 March 2012

Plasma Lottery Results

The 10 randomly selected winners based on total entries are:

1st: Sanguine.Lullaby (193268)
2nd: Willow†Argeneau†Jourdain (384798)
3rd: Dutch Wolff (564429)
4th: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957)
5th: AoD Dimitirl Aerinil (203351)
6th: Yukiri Ecje Agavacea (431052)
7th: Melisande (570113)
8th: SFC Solomon `AG` Durkee (491256)
9th: Mistress Nessa Freakshow (492079)
10th: † QUEEN RIZ † (221897)

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Some exciting updates coming next week, stay tuned!


Melisande said...

Awesome :) Thanks for the lottery Ash!

Paladin David said...

Thanks for the lottery ash, Unable to join in it, but at least i was giving a chance to.

Congrats to all the winners

Anonymous said...

loved the idea of the plasma lottery. sorry i could not participate(poor as in poverty). had an offer that would have given more plasma than ash's plasma to any one who would purchase a offer for me. no takers no one wanted 16 plasma for 15 plasma and the lottery entries. vonhof

mistress nessa freakshow said...

Thanks ash! First I i ever won anything on here! Much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a lottery keep it up :)

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