Thursday 17 December 2015

Christmas Event 2015

Xmas Event 2015

Seasonal Slot
This year's Christmas event will be focused around the brand new Seasonal Slot. On the equipment page, you'll see a new section where this seasonal slot is. In this slot you can equip seasonal equipment that can do a variety of things. To start it off, we're starting with santa hats. Who wouldn't want to wear a sexy santa hat?

To start, go to the HAT SHOP at Dead City. From there you can purchase one of the many hats. That hat can then be equipped into your seasonal slot. Afterwards, you can go to the Hat Upgrades shop to upgrade it even more with hat tokens you earn through the daily quests.

Christmas Tree

The Dead City Christmas Tree has been fully erected, and now giving out gifts every day! Claim a free turn bonus each day by visiting the tree.


The scratchcards are back! You again get 10 free spins per day, and can get premium spins with our special packs.

VIP & Plasma Special

A delicious christmas themed plasma special is now online, filled with plasma, scratches and collectibles. You can check out the deals here.

Market Update

I have added a new option to sell Reign Of Blood packs on the auction market. If a player wants to sell, for example, the $10 VIP Xmas special on the market, they can now do so. They enter the details, purchase the pack, and then others players can auction for it. For full information, check out the auction market page. And yes, the plasma xmas special packs can be bought and sold too.

Enjoy the event,

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