Monday 15 March 2010

Server updates + RoB archives + random info.

Good morning all.
Just to let you know that during the course of this week the new servers will be installed. The site is very likely to go down for an unknown amount of time at an unknown time. (Convenient i know).  When I know more I'll let you know but it shouldn't be too long, but when the servers are up there may be some teething problems but we'll be watching them so we'll know what's going on right away.

I have added a game blog archive link on the Dead City. This features all of the blog posts i have written and all the in game announcements i made before i introduced the blog for all those interested on RoBs history. The first update dates way back to 27th April 2006. (Our 4th birthday is coming up). You can use this page to see if you've missed any blog posts.

Thanks for all the feedback with Vadenhill, it seems to be very liked and I'll let it run for a bit, make a few extra tweaks and then take it out of BETA. I wanted to take the Lottery out of BETA this week but it seems someone won it again, so when i know it can rollover fine it will be taken out of BETA. I've had suggestions to add a VadenHill gravemarket stock, I'm still thinking on this.

Some random info to get your teeth stuck into:

- A total of $43,391,239 has been taken out of the game from market fees.
- A total of 596,272 total blood has been drained VadenHill so far.

- I have made 1018 updates to the game (that I've recorded) since April 2006. That averages at just under 1 a day.
- There are 18,442 current male accounts and 18,619 female accounts.

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Very nice

Leighia S said...

Cool. That'll be fun when I try get on and it's down. :( Oh well it'll be better after anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash! Keep up the great work - and keep it comin!!!

Blood Shard said...

Thank you ,,,,Ash,,,,

Lady Isobel Gray said...

Thank you, Ash! Keep on doing an exceptional job!

Guildythewicked said...

Thanks for letting us know. :)

Anonymous said...

holy shit more females play this game then males O.o

Anonymous said...


Twizz (59875) said...

Ash, has anyone ever told you that you are a prodigy? =]

Anonymous said...

You know there are more accounts than that if there are 300k players!

Anonymous said...

go girls XD

Cassa Jill Warlock said...

crazy to think that us females have taken over ROB but in any case am happy about vadenhill nice job ASH!

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