Tuesday 12 May 2015

Blood Thirst Event (Take 2)

Due to this event being so well received in March, I thought it was time we did it again. But this time, we'll make a few changes.

There will be 5 colour coded teams again, and the two main tallies, wins and blood.

This time, i'm adding in more areas where you can earn the blood. Your team can earn Win points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+). Your team can earn blood points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+), the blood from battling NPC's, and the blood from the Fountain Of Awe (excluding attack on the dead).

And finally, the event will run for 3 days, instead of 2. Head to the Dead City and find the green "Blood Thirst" link to enter.

For those who took part last time, you know how delicious those prizes are. Signup by Friday to be entered. The teams will be worked out on Saturday, and the 3 day event will start on Sunday.

Click here for more information and to enter!


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