Friday 1 May 2015

WP Lite & Market Updates

Birthday AP Rage

I'm glad many of you are liking and taking part in the AP Rage event. It's great seeing people juicing up and getting their kills in. It'll last all week! While that is going on, I do have some new updates and features for you. Happy Birthday again, RoB!

WP & WP Lite

Getting WP can be hard. Placing in the top 10 each day can tricky if you can't get online in the last couple hours of the day to keep your spot. I am completely smypathetic with the pain of working all day, and being pushed to #11 at the last minute. I have made some changes to the way WP works in order to further expand the reward to reach more people, without destroying its reward power for getting to the top 10 each day, especially now there is achievement/mission requirements for it.

Introducing WP Lite. WP Lite can be earned (explained more below) and then traded into WP.

4 WP Lite = 1 WP

Earning WP

  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 Pet Levels Total Each Month

Earning WP Lite

  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Greenwood Cash$ Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Greenwood Cash$ Each Day

The above payouts are subject to change, I will probably continue to tweak it as I watch how the payouts are made each day over the next couple weeks. The WP Shop in Dead City is where WP can be spent, and WP Lite can be traded. The WP Shop has always been updated to include all these ways you can earn WP now.

New Auction Market Feature

One of the most off putting things, especially for new players, is the prices of the market. The prices are set to supply and demand - and it should be, but it can discouraging for players unable to buy VIP/Plasma as it sucks up all their money to do so. Today I have made a little change to help that.

The power of the market is always with those with lots of cash. The little guy can't compete easily with that. But now they can use the most valuable asset to their disposal, AP.

I had a conversation with a couple new players that have come to me with their struggles in the market, and after talking it over elsewhere, put forward the idea of using the most powerful currency they have to offer, AP.  Not everyone will go for it, and it is completely optional, but it depends how you value what you want in the game.

So, I have setup a new auction market section where players can list AP to be bought with Plasma instead of money, and people to list plasma to be sold for AP. VIP Credits too. This a great way for sellers to get something other than money from their currencies, and also allows newer players, and players you can't make purchases, to acquire these currencies without breaking their bank. And you never know, it may bring prices down a bit in the process. I have also created new subscription options for these new listings pages, so if you want to subscribe to these too, you can go ahead and save that option.

I hope you like these updates, more to come.

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