Friday 8 May 2015

New Missions, Co-Op Quests & Much More

Underground Level 2 Tweaks

I have made a couple changes to the underground level 2 today, mainly regarding silver.

  • A raid on someone's empty coffers now yields 1 silver by collecting nearby scraps
  • A raid that takes your 3 turns, now counts towards achievement etc totals
  • Increased the silver you can find per search by an average of 15%
  • 2 New Trik's Potion (Standard and XL) to find more silver shards in UG2

New Missions

A new category of missions have been added: Plasma missions.. Plasma missions are missions you unlock with plasma and get a QP reward at the end.

48 standard new missions have also been added for your completion today.

Homepage Section

With all the new additions of missions, quests & achievements etc etc its getting to be a bit messy getting to them, and getting to them quickly. So I have redesigned the quests/achievements box on your homepage to give quicker access to some of the most used features in this area. Included in this is a new quick link to just view your daily quests.

New Co-Op Quests

There are 10 brand new co-op quests now available for your completion.

Forum Notifications

Today I have also overhauled the forum subscription feature. Subscribing to threads does make it a little easier to come back and check the threads you want to follow, but today I'm making it a little more easier. As well as updating the look of your subscription pages, I have included all the forum subscriptions on one page, so you have easy access to everything. Most importantly, I have added a brand new notification. Whenever one of your subscribed threads gets a post, you get notified right away. You can thank this new awesome SSD filled server to allow me to do this now.

WP Lite Follow Up

Thanks for the generally positive on WP Lite. I know many of you are now glad that the WP achievements/missions are no longer on your "never going to happen" personal list. I've had a few questions about them I'd like to announce here for everyone to know.

Earning & spending WP Lite will never be on any achievement list or mission. The idea of WP Lite is for people to be able to earn WP, which already have its own achievements & missions. There will not be any list that will require the use of spending WP Lite. I know some people seem to be hoarding it just incase, but there is no need, it wont ever happen. The only achievements going forward will include the use of WP. I have added a WP Lite trade count, for information purposes only (listed on the misc stats page).

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

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