Friday 28 August 2015

Big Reveal & AP Rage Event

The Big Reveal: Reign Of Blood Mobile v2

I've been working hard the last few months on the brand new Reign Of Blood Mobile site. It's almost ready for open beta for those eager to get into it. I'm aiming for a stable enough release some time next week. You can have a sneak preview screenshot below:

AP Rage Event

The end of August is always a fun time. Not only am I celebrating my 27th Birthday, it is home to the  AP Rage event. Although actually wasn't planned this year, it seems people have been expecting and preparing for it.  I'd hate to dissapoint.

The AP Rage event will start on Monday 31st August and end Sunday 6th September. You'll find a link to the AP Rage information page at Dead City.

Game Wide AP Extra Rewards

The total of all AP spent during this event will be tallied. If all players hit the below milestones, extra rewards will be given to all that took part (and traded at least 25AP) after the event.

10,000 total AP used: 3 QP
25,000 total AP used: Free Potion Credit
50,000 total AP used: Special 2 Week September Event For All
100,000 total AP used: Collectible

VIP & Plasma Special

Of course with every AP Rage event, we get a delicious VIP & Plasma sale to go with it. Get some bargain AP before the Monday event begins. Click here to see the packs.

General Notice

They'll be loads more info regarding the mobile site, as well as the story behind it all in a blog post next week when the beta begins. I shall be taking a couple weeks off in September to give my eyes a bit of a rest. I'll still be popping on to do my usual checks and answer blood letters of course.

Enjoy the  weekend,

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