Monday 24 August 2015

Activity Lottery Results

Activity Lottery Results

The Activity Lottery is now over! Thanks to everyone who took part and the randomly picked winners based on tickets earned are listed below. I look forward to the next event.

First Prize: Octavia Apocalypse (696542)
Second Prize: Dreamweaver (248485)
Third Prize: Bubblegum Silence Candy™ (570523)
Fourth Prize: Lily Anvari (632470)
Fifth Prize: Reaper Apocalypse (696543)
6th-10th Prize: Michael (522259), Lady Scarlet Bellemore (695961), Misha Keates (208044), BloodGoD (493052), CMP (162131)
11th-20th Prize: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957),  Z£þH¥®~AoN INVI©TUŠ (279182), Katsumoto Grimaldi (694016), War (137469), Mrs. Queenie Dark (218258), Shadow Stalker (126135), Panth Hatemachine (112802), Dess. (681614), Naraku Simatzu Kisuke (592808), WarCloud De Locura (375195)
21st-25th Prize: Princess Amelia Petrovic (697534), DragonsLight (695628), Feral Whispers (565736), Jessica Rabbit (135259), DragonsSoul (696478)

Everyone who took part will get a free QP regardless of position. If you're one of the people listed above, congratulations, your prizes have been added. To find out exactly what you won, see the prize table on the Activity Lottery page.

Big Reveal Friday

This Friday I will reveal what I've been working on, and give you some general details about what stage it is at, and when you get to play with it. I can't wait to show you.

Enjoy the week,

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