Saturday 17 October 2015

Halloween Event 2015

2 Week Halloween Event

This year the Halloween event will last a full 2 weeks. It starts right now and ends Sunday November 1st. And what's even better, this is the first time an event has come to mobile. So no matter what device you use, you can take part.

5 Team Killing Competition

It is time for another team competition. And as it's Halloween, we're going to theme it!

There will be 5 teams as always, the teams are:

Team Pumpkin
Team Cauldron
Team Broomstick
Team Bat

As always, you must manually enter to take part. Which you can do so at Dead City.

Fight The Horde!

Zombies have once again swarmed through our portal attempting to breach the Dead City! Help fight off the horde and rip off the heads of zombies that aren't too decomposed.

Profile Contest

When Halloween comes around, people love getting their profiles all suited up. You can join the Halloween profile contest on the Halloween profile page. Enter yours, and give thumbs up to other profiles that you like. There will be prizes given out at the end.

Also, Amayia Nyx D LaRouge is running her own Halloween profile contest, you can find information about the prizes and how to enter on the forum thread here.

AP Cauldron

Zelda, the witty witch has opened up her cauldron experiments to the citizens of the Dead City. If you have any spare AP hanging around, go check out the AP Cauldron and see what you get.

Trick Or Treat

The Trick Or Treat is back! If you dare, claim your daily Trick Or Treat and see what you get.

Halloween Special

And of course with every event, we host a delicious VIP and Plasma special. Check it out.

Enjoy the event,

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