Monday 26 October 2015

Blood Thirst Results & More

Blood Thirst Competition

The Halloween themed Blood Thirst competition has now ended! The top score goes to TEAM BROOMSTICK. Congratulations to all the Broomstick players.

I hope you enjoyed the event once more, and you can go here to claim your prizes.

Testing New Back Links

Our most deliciously clickable back link

As you know, the above back link is on many pages. But they have one slight problem - browser caches. The links act like your browser's back button, but sometimes the page you go back to doesn't refresh the page. Meaning you could spend an AP, click back, and it won't look like you've spent it until you click away or fully refresh the page. So from today, I'm testing a new back button which grabs the last page you were on, and hard links to it. Hopefully this will cure some of these problems. Be sure to let me know if you have any issues with it. (This has been applied to mobile too.)

More Missions

There are 42 new coven related missions added. Go check 'em out.

More to come,

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