Thursday 1 October 2015

Revisited: Mt. Tilia (Pets)

Mt. Tilia 

We start a brand new month today, and with each new month, comes a new round of pets. So today I'd like to announce a few new features and changes to the pets, which come into effect right now.

Updated Look

I have gone through all the pages and given the general look and feel a bit of an upgrade. You'll notice some better positioned back links and a better flow of the features.

QP Task Changes

I have altered some of the QP task milestones (pray I don't alter them any further), putting a little more emphasis and reward on level and added a new pet power category. This increases the total of QP you can earn a month to 36, up from 30.

Pet Turn Claiming Changes

I know some of you weren't a fan of the weird way you the pet turns worked, so I've changed it for the better. Each hour you get given +20 pet turns you can claim (no more full hour waits, on the top of the hour you'll be able to get another 20.) The same cap of ~240 remains.

What's even better, is there are now two ways to get a small turn bonus. Firstly, any hour you level your pet up in, you get an extra +3 turns for the next hour, totalling 23. Secondly, if you claimed your turns in the previous hour, you'll get an extra +1 turn for your next hour, totalling 21. Any hour that you level up your pet and claim turns, you will get 24 turns the next hour.

Pet Equipment Store

Two types of pet equipment has been added to the new Pet Store at Mt. Tilia. You can now purchase collars, which increase the rage and attack of your pet, and armour to increase its defence. These items are automatically equipped after purchase, and are paid for using Units, which is earned randomly by fighting other pets.

Training Changes

There are now 3 training options. Firstly, we have a new enhanced training option which allows you, for free, to train up to 20 turns per day getting better results. It works the same as your own personal motivation at the Dead City gym. Secondly, we have the option that was there before, train 1 turn and randomly get either +0.01 or + 0.02 per turn. Thirdly, a new option which gives +0.01 with a random chance to get a +0.03 per turn.

Custom Pet Avatar

As a little extra reward for those who play with the pets on a regular basis, you can now upload your own pet avatar when you have hit the milestone of 500 total level ups.

Battle Changes

A couple of noticeable changes have been made to battle, excluding the new units currency. Firstly, the wait to attack again after you lose has been reduced to 50 seconds.  And secondly, there is a new list pets below your power option.

Pet Hitlist Changes

The pet hitlist has had a few new features, too. It now shows the power and whether the pet is attackable or not. You can now also order the pets by name, level and power.

WP Rewards

Although it wasn't advertised, the top 10 pet levels of each month are rewarded with +1 WP. This is now permanent and advertised across Mt. Tilia.

FAQ & Settings Page

The help page has been updated into two distinct categories, your pet options and a help guide. The help guide has been completely re-written to show all the changes made today.

Other Changes

  • First place wins and level at the end of the the month get a collar collectible
  • Last month's top 10 wins and level leaderboard added
  • Pets now close when cooldown is active
  • Increased the size of the pet bio edit box
  • Mt. Tilia progress (wins, level, and wins today) added to home page
  • New comprehensive logging system to help catch botters

And what makes this so much better? It's all available on Reign Of Blood Mobile too.

I've started up a dedicated thread for feedback and bug reports right here.


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