Monday 8 June 2015

Double Blood Wednesday

RAHP On Inactives

I'm glad many of you are enjoying the extra blood the RAHP on the inactives is giving. We will continue to let this run for another week, and we'll have a vote on the future.

Double Wednesday

This Wednesday 10th June everyone can enjoy, with RAHP active, double blood all day.

Forum Reaction

I know not everyone likes to post on the forum. A lot of people follow what goes on but never posts.  Remember, if you don't like saying something in public, you can send me a blood letter for any feedback or ideas, I read them all. However, in light of this, and taking the idea from this blog, I have added a new reactions section to each thread (which are different depending on the board), for people to be able to give a quick feedback reaction to what was posted.

Other Updates

Here are some other updates today if you've missed them:

  • Coven Conflict box defaults at the top (but below notification box), but can be changed to back to bottom of your account page
  • Coven Relic Shop now shows current relic stats
  • Increased the chance of getting potion credits & plasma from a coven raid by 20%. Also increased the money cap by about 30%.
  • Now a chance to get a potion credit and plasma even if the coven you raid has none
  • Coven Conflict box now defaults at the top of the left sidebar, but there is an account page option to move it back down if you don't want it there
  • You can now remove RP characters from RP, house & coven forum threads
  • New QOTD page look, and now shows question from yesterday

Enjoy the week,

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