Monday 1 June 2015

RAHP For Inactive & Coven Updates

Finish Them & NPC Updates

If you haven't read the recent blog post about the new finish them feature & NPC updates, don't feel bad, get caught up with it here before reading on today's update blog.

RAHP Inactives

For the next 2 weeks, starting right now, we're going to do a new RAHP test. People come, people go, its only natural, but in the day to day running of RoB, I cater for the people playing, and them only. What do people want? More blood! And what better to use those who no longer can be with us for that extra blood? I think it's a fantastic idea.

So, starting from today the RAHP will be active (Revive At Half Past) for all players who have not logged in for at least a month. Go get that extra blood!

The last day of this will be June 14th, when we'll rendezvous and discuss. For full details and the small print on this little experiment, visit the DC event page.

Coven Conflict Tweaks

Firstly, the Top Covens page has been updated to now show all the leaderboards relating to raids, skirmishes, invasions and the war of covens.

Secondly, the coven ranking page has been updated to include all the same information on the contribution of your own members in the coven conflict features.

Thirdly, the Coven Wheel Of Death now pays out both tokens to earn, and tokens that can be spent now. The tokens you receive after spinning will be clearly marked which is which.

Fourthly, I have tweaked the prices in the Coven Token Shop, and added in the option to buy a Coven Relic. But, I also increased the payout of tokens of skirmishes and invasions.

Raid Tweaks

In regards to the Raids specifically, I have changed the wait times a bit. If you declare a raid in the first 15 minutes of an hour, then the raid will start at the end of that hour. If you declare after the 15 minutes, it will start the hour afterwards.  (For example, if you declare at 9:43, the raid will start at 11:00, if you declare at 14:05, the raid will start at 15:00.)

I have also, for the time being, reduced the raid duration to 2 hours down from 3.

There has been a little confusion in regards to the first kill(s) bonus +10 raid exp. The math (their active member count/10). If they had less than 10 active members, it would be in the negative, so you wouldn't get any kills at +10. Today I have changed it so if that is the case, everyone gets one +10 hit.

And finally, I'd like to do a little something to help with failing raids. I've been told it sucks to lose and get nothing. Sure, of course, but I don't want it to be a turn off. So now, as long as at some point during the raid you hit your required exp, you will receive a few tokens.

I hope you enjoy these changes, and as always, report any problems please.

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