Friday 20 November 2015

Revisited: Awe

Fountain Of Awe

The Fountain Of Awe (accessible via the Portal) has just turned two years old. The Fountain Of Awe is a place where high ranked vampires can go and do special attacks on other vampires to gain a lot of more blood, and also a place to attack dead vampires. Today I'm happy to announce some changes and upgrades to Awe.

  • New Coven Exp "Extract Extra Coven Exp" section added
  • Rank check takes place before the battle to save some time
  • Made a few tweaks and improvements to layout
  • Brought the new battle look to the Awe spells
  • Option to choose ID as well as from enemy list option added
  • Enemy list no longer list enemies protected by Trik's potions
  • Attack of the dead no longer shows people in protection at all
  • Made it clear what Awe kills counts towards and what doesn't

New Awe section to earn a little extra coven exp


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Unknown said...

This is awesome. :3 Good work Ash.

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