Friday 6 November 2015

700,000 Signups

700,000 Signups

We're one step forward to my goal of a million signups today. Last night we hit 700,000 signups! Here is a delicious promo code you can all enjoy: 700k

Mobile Event Challenge

The recently announced Mobile Event Challenge starts at midnight tonight! Login to Reign Of Blood mobile on your phone and get triple quest tokens for completing "The Battle" and "The NPC" daily quests. Complete both quests on all 5 days and you'll get extra quest tokens and a collectible. Login to Reign Of Blood and touch the Mobile Event Challenge notice on the top of the mobile homepage.

New Logged-In Page Setup

The majority of people do one of three things first when they first login to Reign Of Blood. Those three things are getting on with the daily quests or game activities (wheel spinning, praying etc), checking your notifications, or seeing who's on. So now when you login you'll see a new section to let you get to of those three things super quickly. There is also a new friends and coven members online pages, which you can get from clicking the number.

I have also updated the game updates section on the page when you login. It now shows the updates that have been posted since your last page load. So for example if you logged off last night, and I made 3 updates since then, only those 3 updates will show. This gives you quick access to what you've missed since you were last on. (If there are no new updates, it will simply list them all as before. And of course, clicking view all > will show you the full list as before.)

Enjoy the event,

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