Saturday 25 August 2012

Further Daily Quest Updates

Downtime Results
The server move was successful. The game was down only 2 and a half hours out of the 3 hour estimate, which is good news. We're now sitting in the new North London data center. Promo code: 25thdowntime for the two hourly resets missed.

August Competition Final Reminder
This is the final reminder for you to update your profile layouts to enter the August competition. Please remember to post on this thread if you'd like to be judged, if you do not post, you will not be considered. The judging will taking place between the 31st August and the 4th September. Make sure you have your profile up during this entire time.

Daily Quest Changes
Thank you for the constructive feedback that was posted on the new daily quest updates.  I've taken all the feedback into account and have made the following changes and bug fixes, I hope you're pleased.

Bug fixes:
  • The NPC's quest now counts how many NPC credits you have used today, rather than just checking if you have 0 credits to complete the quest.
  • The 'daily' quest now shows how many other daily quests you've completed so far today (should have to start with).
  • Fixed the issue with the random coven quest not completing.

Updates & Changes:
  • The Hunt quest now requires 100 humans, down from 125
  • The Feed quest now requires 80 feeds, down from 100
  • The $earcher quest now requires $1,250, down from $2,000
  • The Pet quest now requires 200 wins, down from 300

The 'Daily' Quest changes:
Because of the new daily quest task additions, I made it so you only have to complete 7 out of the 9 daily quests in order to get the extra bonus. After reading the feedback, I have come up with a good solution to the general issue.

The 'Daily' quest now has 5 different tiers of rewards.

- Complete 5 out of the 9 quests to receive a reward
- Complete 6 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward
- Complete 7 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again
- Complete 8 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again
- Complete 9 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again

I hope you're happy with the changes, please give further feedback on the same thread (and any bugs of course).



Alchemist said...

Thanks for all of the hard work. I still say it seems a bit faster.

Duke Danse Macambre said...

Thank you for taking into consideration trying to complete the quests as a whole.
Good update.

Anonymous said...

Random Daily: get 60 gems.
I tried this yesterday and after using over 400 turns I still didn't get the 60 gems.

Anonymous said...

You messed up a good thing. you should have never changed them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I like the new updates Ash, but what I love the most is the fact that all these changes have been made based on what your players are saying, it's refreshing to play a game where your thoughts and opinions are listened to and also implemented. Love you and the game lol

Darion Lancaster said...

Excellent updates overall. I think they were considerably generous, perhaps overly so, but having started to really pursue completing the dailies again, I'm not complaining. It was at the point that it really felt more like a time-consuming grind versus a goal to complete, I'm looking forward to going after the full bonuses!

Anonymous said...

I have killed 100 NPCs but I cannot complete the quest.

Sirocco said...

That's awesome, Ash! Thank you so very much for all the things you do for us. This is exciting and a great update. I look forward to doing more daily quests. Thanks for all the hard work you put in for us, Ash. I appreciate you. <3

Anonymous said...

60 gems .. .You should have chosen other quests . . but either way stop ya whining

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