Monday 14 May 2012

Thank you for the feedback

The poll
So I sat down last night and read all the poll results and comments (yeah it did take a while), and would like to thank everyone who gave feedback. It's given me a good idea what direction to take over the next few months now. But I am very happy the majority of players are happy with the current pace and quality of the work I'm doing here.

Have a suggestion?
A lot of people were making suggestions in their comment, although it was there for feedback not suggestions, there were ideas suggested that aren't even on the suggestion forum board. If you want to see your idea in the game, don't be shy, the suggestion forum is at your disposal.

Quest idea creator
This is not anything to do with the story quests, but I'd like someone to come up with neat quest ideas for the regular quests. It was suggested in the poll I have someone to do this so I can more focus on developing (as well my imagination skills aren't really anything worth showing off). If you'd like this simple job that doesn't take much time, please send a blood letter to the RoB Bot with 3 example quest ideas (remember they shouldn't be over complicated) and why you deserve the position. Thanks in advance for the interest.

Remember the toolbar is now available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Download it right here.

Enjoy the week :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking a poll and then reading all of it ... great idea to get a Quest person !!!

katlyn said...

Oh um I never did get the 10 points

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