Tuesday 8 May 2012

Toolbar now available for Chrome & loads more

Toolbar goes Chrome!
Finally the Reign Of Blood toolbar is now available for Chrome. Head right here to download it right now! (By the looks of it, it's just Chrome for Windows)

Competition extension
The April Facebook image competition has been extended this month. Feel free to enter as many images as you want, but there can only be one winner!

Server downtime
With the new wave of 502s yesterday we took the server down for a small while to do some updates, when bringing it back up however, the DNS cache was misbehaving which meant some players couldn't login for a couple hours. For that I apologise and give the promo code: 7thmaydown

Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports on the new houses feature. I'm glad they're liked as much as they are, as they were surprisingly more work that I originally anticipated. I have annihilated all reported bugs, and I thank you for the patience with that. Please report any more and feel free to keep making suggestions. A worrying question that has popped up by some if you run out of VIP. You will not be kicked from your house 2 and 3, you will simply be unable to access them & they will not show on your profile or lists until you're VIP again.

Lottery last weekend
We saw another MASSIVE lottery win last week after 2 rollovers. $770mil+ shared between 3 lucky players, congratulations & enjoy it.

A few game stat updates
A couple things I would like to share with you all, as I know some are very interested in this sort of thing. Our 6th birthday weekend was our most active weekend EVER. That's crazy. I'm also very happy to report that Thermoden has taken over 5 BILLION out of the game to date. $5,475,000,000 to be exact. That's way beyond the success I thought it would achieve when making it.

Enjoy the week :)


Anonymous said...

Our 6th birthday was *our* most active weekend EVER.


Anonymous said...

The lottery is a joke!! So, many people keep winning over and over, if they don't get first they get second, or third, it is really depressing.

On a high note, I do enjoy all the other new features in the world of RoB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun and hard work you do to give it to us, Ash !!! Sure happy you didn't major in English Literature and get buried in a bunch of stuffy books instead lol

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