Sunday 21 June 2009

Plasma offer, not long left & update on the updates!

The plasma offer is only available until the 23rd, make sure you grab some cheap plasma whilst you have chance!

The big updates are slowly underway, there are a couple obstacles though, for the new chat system i need the new servers to be installed (they'll need more power) and Dark August to be well again (get well soon <3) to create the new weapon etc images. So things are going along a little more slowly that i hoped, for which i apologise.

I am bugging the crap out of the hosting company to get my new servers set up, apparently the last update was 1 of the 2 have arrived, I'm going to email again later and ask again. (Give um shit too!)

The site is currently running on 2 x quadcore 2.8ghz 8GB Ram servers (which amazes me RoB needs that much anyway) but it needs more! So 2 more servers of the same spec are being added to RoBs network. So RoB will have a nice little 4 server network & load balancer running the game, which is insane! With the 4 servers RoB will run much better, and at the moment RoB is hitting the full use out of the 2 servers so the 2 new ones were really needed, 1. To make RoB faster. 2. Allow more growth and more powerful features.

Thanks to everyone who helps support the game with purchase of the plasma & VIP packs, and for the non-vips playing too! Without you i wouldnt be able to buy new servers to get RoB to grow even more into an awesome gaming community.

Keep an eye on the game updates and this blog for all the stuff ive done ;)

Have a good one.



Angelique said...

hmm..I would have bought the VIP earlier,with or without the offer,but I told you that I can't because my country isn't in the list of who they serve T.T Unfortunately.

Blutsinneslust said...

Ash can you please put the cheap plasma on phone payment if it's not too late, I really would love to get some plasma to help the site for the 5th server you buy = ]

13Slayer said...

Greetings Ash . . . *bows deeply* Thanks again for all the hard work, the nagging you've had to do, and the specials you've made available to us. I think it's ace that RoB is growing and rising in the ranks of voting sites! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the new "powers" we shall be able to employ! *mmuuuaaahhh* Ta and well done! ;)

DarkAsh said...

Which of the two companies do you use Blutsinneslust ?

tiobuk said...

I see Plasma Offer in places, but I have no idea what a plasma offer is. I click on it but just come here where it's repeated. I must confuse easily.

Daisy said...

Thanks for all you are doing you know i support you every chance I get and do appreciate the specials as it allows me to get plasma for the coven and help other members...I have actually met some very nice people here and thank you for hooking it all up! If you ever need anything just bl me and I will do what I can!

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