Wednesday 24 June 2009

Get involved with RoB's new feature and get free AP!

First of all a big thank you to everyone who donated last week during the special, with one of the servers yearly renewal coming up next month it has covered it beautifully, long live RoB!

Back to the game... with this new weapon and armour system in thought, i was sat there thinking up names for this new equipment, and thought, hey - you guys are playing the game, what would YOU like to hold when smashing your enemy into pieces? So I'm giving you all that chance. Help us come up with weapon and armour names AND get rewarded for it. Every idea we choose we will give the that player 1 AP.

Click the link above to give us your suggestions if you would like to get involved.

Enjoy the week :)



Anonymous said...

Wow, 1 AP, boggles the mind. Its a weapon set, make it .5 AP for each weapon, then you won't break bank. I mean given the huge expense to create each AP.

TisSeeWooNaTis1ca said...

For a weapon can be a "silver pullet" & armor "Gerber Armor" I hope this help any. Big Smile as i show my fang V^^^^V HA! HA! HA!

Anonymous said...

what about the weapon being something that goes with the mythlogical way to kill vapires like "Hawthorne Spike" i would use that as a weapon. and for the armour how about "adamentite armour"
btw. this is sixthstringsound(1045760

Anonymous said...


DarkAsh said...

1 AP per suggestion. If we choose 20 suggestions from 1 person, they get 20 AP.

Milos said...

I sugest Divine raper a sword that stel wampire live energy and esence and Armor Cursed Bone Heavy plate thats made player Berserk boost stren but loose speed

Iron slayer said...

I also Sugest Golden Moon axe that Give player ability not to be atacked 5 times per day Boost Atack but lower Defence Also Azariel Undead Armor wich gives +15% to gain gold when atack and Incrase Endurance by 70.MIlos is my name

Iron slayer said...

YOU can make Holy avenger Sword that give +25 to stren and Spead but can only be use by those who have good aligmnet who pray to god at statue of Astiroth And why not Cloack of Lich King that gives+70 to Endurance and Strent but lover spead by 30 and can be use only by those who pry to Satan at Statue of Astiroth

Anonymous said...

WOW free AP I'm sorry Ash but i must say no i will not participate in this when ever i say a suggestion for this game to help uimprove this game some players and ACT staff say no u will not participate and they tell me bad and hurtful things thanks but i will gain AP by ranking up thanx but I'm not intersted sorry Ash

Anonymous said...

Impaler +400
Angel Griever +450
Beast-Defiler +500
Jack in a Box +1000(the moment it opens up, enemy vamp instantly suffers cardiac arrest, then... BOOM!!! there goes his/her heart...^^)

Drachma`s Hide +400
Salvation +450
Noli Me Tangere("touch me not" in spanish) +500
Turtle Shell +1000(allows the wielder to hide his head, arms and legs like those chessy mutant ninja turtles^^)

I`ll add up something later... GODspeed ROB!!!


13Slayer said...

Greetings Ash, *bows deeply*
Well, I am always for earning more ap! lol Whilst I have made the suggestion that alignment become powers like hypnotism, I would also like to suggest somewhat the same for the new weapons. For instance, if you were to name a new weapon "hynotic club;" which would mean that it produces hypnosis in the enemy so that s/he is easier to hit? And for armour, what about "armour of levitation," that allows for the vamp to rise above an attac. Those are two at this point. Hope you all like them! ;) Thanks for yet another opportunity to gain in the game Ash! Well done.

Boo of Darkshadow said...

O_o wow... people really have crazy Ideas for weapons and armour <_< along with ways to make them Uber Cheap

Anonymous said...

Amazing how few actually read. You say submit suggestions at the following link, and everybody proceeds to spew their ideas here in your blog. =p

Chapu (198422) said...

What about going on a quest to find bits and bits of objects to form a powerful or preferred weapon? To quest can be found by going through the under ground, exploring the graving yard, the church or the tower or maybe more.

when you find the basic foundation for xx million dollars and locate a secret black smith, then you can customize your weps/arm with the hidden objects you found. E.G

Power stone (wep): adds 40 damage to the weapon
Titanium stone (arm): Reduces 40 damage
Speed sphere (wep): Increases speed
Armoured heart (arm): Gives an extra attack after every 2 rounds

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