Thursday 25 June 2009

Another obstical to RoBs production speed...

So i got an email just now saying that the hosting company has been sold. Great. As far as they're saying nothing will change, they are keeping the servers at the same data center, the IP will not change or anything else. They seem nice, eager to keep me as a client, so lets hope they continue that way and get all my current problems sorted.

The only pain at the moment with it is that ordered to 2 new expensive servers from the old guys, 1 has arrived, not sure on the other, and now they have been taken over. I'm not sure how that would work. But he said he's going to chase it up and get it sorted ASAP. So let's hope that it is sorted ASAP so i cant get on with the major updates!

There will be minimal downtime apparently over the next couple weeks at one point where they are doing improvements to the network, and then maybe more when the new servers are being installed.

lets see if these new guys deserve our custom eh?

On a game note, thanks to all the equipment name suggestions so far, some are pretty good! Keep them coming.

And one more thing, don't forget that the RoB sign competition ends on the 30th June! Not long left, click the link at the bottom of every page for all the info you need.

Have a good one :)


*Update* It seems that they cannot sell the company till my server issue is sorted, which is good news!


Lukas Cytes said...

With the take-over they should still be liable for all transactions they have made which means your servers as well. They absorb all customers... debts... profits... the works!
Thanks for keeping on them to make this place even greater than it already is!

Anonymous said...

news flash, ash is making a mountain outa a ... bump in the ground, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is no trouble :)

Legion Avalon Moon said...

We could send a few fully armed Vampires round? :-)

Brian Rawstern said...

good idea avalon that would really get the ball rolling :)

Anonymous said...


Yaana said...

Hope it goes well though ^__^ Or we go with Avalons idea ;D

Lâdy D3âth Dârkclaw (59875) said...

Well, if you need any help with stuff, you have 200,000 members to help ya. =P We're with ya Ash. Forever and Always.

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