Friday 12 June 2009

Overall catch-up blog and the need for more staff!

Yeah i bet as soon as you saw "the need for staff" you thought you'd give this a click, even if you do not read the blog every time i post (Which you should because it'll keep you up to date with what goes on in the world of RoB!)


It seems forever since I've posted a blog, maybe I just have no life? I'm sat here eating some lunch, thinking to myself how much i have planned to do (whilst look over my white board) and trying to put it in some sort of order.

In progess is...
- The new weapon/armour system with the 'add-ons'
- Something secret
- A new chat system & more chats

The weapon thing has been previously discussed, the secret thing obviously won't be, and as for the chats, due to the fact the RP chat is getting more and more busy these days I'm going to add some more, maybe theme them? Give me your feedback on that.

I have been accused with focusing too much on the social side of the game rather than the game itself because of the new social hype on the internet, but i intend to focus more on the game features and more on improving the social side in equal proportions. Got to try my best to keep everyone happy & find more attractions to the game for new players.

As for staff, i will soon be re-doing the staff, changing things around, adding some, taking some off etc etc. AFTER THE ABOVE UPDATES ... What i will be looking for SOON is :

- Chat mods
- Forum mods
- QOTD posting staff
- Chillout section mods
- Helpers

If you think you would be interested in one of those slots, you can start thinking up ideas on how you would make yourself stand out against others.

Please DO NOT waste our time by applying now, it will be IGNORED. Get that? IGNORED. Bet someone will still decide to message me about it lol. I will post a blog when I am ready to accept apps, but for now I'm just giving you time to think about it and time to plan your application. Staff specifications will be always released closer to the time. Also, if any of the current staff ask me "Am i being removed?" NOTHING is planned yet. Don't worry about it, if you're doing a good job, then why would I remove you?

Sweetonlinegames guy has yet to get back to me, I'll give him a while longer until i remove him.

I've currently got a small job at the moment doing some web design, that will take me up to the weekend, then next week I'll continue on the weapon system and a few smaller updates to keep people buzzing.

Remember the sign competition is closing on the 30th of june, so make sure you get your entries in, only a couple weeks left! And there has been some good ones so far. (Link can be found at the bottom of all RoBs ingame pages)

Have a good weeekend :)

P.S Wanna know all the little updates and stuff I'm up to? Follow my Twitter feed.


Elyne said...

1st ;)
How to stand out on the QoD position?... >_<

DarkAsh said...

The ability to be on game to post one ready at the midnight reset.

Slitten said...

I always read your blog :D

-The new weapon/armour system with the 'addons'-sounds good
- Something secret -I like secret stuff :D
- A new chat system & more chats -AWESOME

*thinks about applying for Chat mod or QOTD posting staff :D*

Anonymous said...

Where do i apply at when its time?

Slitten said...

Dark Ash will tell us when and how :)

Elyne said...

Oh, I can do that for the next 10 weeks since it's summer vacation, but only 3 days a week after that >_< Guessing you won't want the staff positions for another few weeks too... How about helper then? What's the best way to stand out there?

Elyne said...

Anonymous, read the full post

as quoted: "I will post a blog when I am ready to accept apps, but for now I'm just giving you time to think about it and time to plan your application."

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of more RP chats with themes. Right now I find it difficult to jump into the RP chat because there are always so many people with so much going on. :) I look forward to trying out the new format.

Lucidious Rage said...

I must say, I am tremendously disturbed by the fact that we have to wait to put in our applications for new weapons upgrades and to reveal our secrets of the 5th dimension of the personal space of the third rock from the sun is a golden fire ball that lights up the smallest creature of the Blue Nile and the shadows of the damned!

I wish you would listen to just how important the purple frogs of the yellow river are on the first freezing day of the summer sausage that is eaten by the small children of the 18 foot dogs.

I completely …. Ok… I think that’s enough useless rambling. The bottom line is, Ash, you’re doing a GREAT job with all of the work/updates that you are doing and most importantly with keeping an ear to your communities input. I’m just a small nut on the tree of RoB but I’m usually one of the most vocal (and long winded which was the joke of the start of this message for those of you who are too slow to get it).

I applaud your efforts and just wanted to say “Thanks” for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Guildythewicked said...

OOOO *Claps paws* I love secrets!!! This is a very social game. For you to be accused of focusing on that too much is silly. That is a very important element. I rarely go into the RP chat ( it scares the kitteh ), however, I think the idea of various separate Rp rooms would be very helpful. Maybe a Battle Rp, Family RP, Romance?

Boo said...

Nice ash! More customization is always nice!

Secret things are always awesome -I hope it's more quests :D-

I'm looking forward to more chats and the better chat system

You have one hell of a game already keep up the good work!

Dria said...

Ok i usually don't comment but that doesn't mean im not paying attention to your info filled blogs.i personally think you are doing a great job with the site and the new rp chat is a great idea.As a fellow Rper i think this is you a chance to actually rp about something different and maybe new members wouldn't feel so crowded when they start.I have a few ideas on this part but will bl them when its time.....Keep doing what you are doing Ash the site is amazing!!

Ekkie said...

*Ignores advice and applies Now* I'm looking forward to everything but the Weapon updates...I don't want Weapon updates =P

Lord Satan's said...

i will help keep the sight safe for all users and mack shour that the rouls r no brok

bITCHSLAP said...


Karina "Bunny" Noa said...

I'm thrilled to see the updates you have already made, and eagerly await the new ones yet to come. Great job Ash! :)

Angela said...

I know this has nothing to do with what you posted Ash, but why am I unable to get onto the game? My server says that the address cannot be found. Why is that?

Thank you,

"Angelique Noqturnus"

DarkAsh said... for server status updates.

Anonymous said...

i thing that the secred is that you can store up more turns, am i right?

Anonymous said...

I will be on at midnight each night and as i'm also in the Uk it will be on a 24 hour basis ... >.< but i was woundering what you already had planned for the new chats? yes i also have no life to much time on the comp ... well i could come up with a few ideas Ash

Emma (105989)

Lucidious Rage said...

Rolls eyes... Pointing up ^ ^ ^ to the post directly above this... Yup Ash.... you were right after all! lol

Anonymous said...

I think that updating the chats will be great. Hopefully it'll run faster. Is there any way you could set up individual chats for only 5 people or less at a time? That would be really helpful

Unknown said...

you could try using x7 chat, ive tried that on one of my games and its kinda like irc chat that alows users to make thier own rooms etc..

Konstantinos Tsompanidis said...

Ash are you gonna do something that will include our alignment praying? or we keep praying to god and satan without reason?

twilight32 said...

hi this is twilight32 um... can u make a vampire caracter? or do you just chat?

Unknown said...

*looks above at Konstantinos' question and shakes head affirmatively* Yes, Slayer thinks to herself, someone was wondering the same thing. She then lhbo at the 'without reason' part, giggling to self*

Or is that part of one of the secrets Ash? ;)

MasterRisenFire said...

any chance for an ignore feature in chat for those of us that would like to just block out a few idiots while in chat?

D3ath (59875) said...

Nice going Ash. I think it's wonderful that you work on this game a lot.. And the thing do it for OUR entertainment. =P
I can't wait for the new weapon/armor system to come out. Im pretty siked to see the new chat rooms and also can't wait to see the surprise. I also can't wait to apply for a staff job. I did last time, but I put in a bad typo and said I wasn't going to be active.. <.< Which was a mistake..So Im guessing thats why I didn't get picked.. Anyways, I like how you keep us updated. :D It would be pretty annoying if you just made the changes without giveing us a heads up.. It would be funny though. Immagine everyone going on and finding the new weapon system and chat rooms have changed and they didn't know about it. LOl. Staff would have a lovely time explaining. I think you thought about it though and went ahead and told us about this stuff so that wouldn't happen.

I hope that the game isn't causing you too much trouble that it messes with your free time..(I hope you have free time)... With all the stuff you have did, and that you are doing, it's kinda amazing to think that your doing it basically by yourself. And it's also good that you ask our opinion on stuff, thats hat also helps.. You understand us, and can relate to use, and that is great. If I had to choose from anyone's game to play in the world, I would choose yours. Your the best Ash, and I hope that this site grows bigger and better than all the others. Remember, In the long run that you have my vote, I've been playing for over a year and this game still shocks me (in a good way). Keep it up Ash!

-Yours truly. D3ath. (59875)

DarkAsh said...

Thanks =]

TisSeeWooNaTis1ca said...

I would like to apply I have not been here long but I have work on website and etc....

Anonymous said...

(its Nam Nam)
ooooo staff sounds good :)

and secrets are always good, but be prepared for me to be messaging you non stop asking what it is !

keep up the gd work

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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