Sunday 16 August 2009

$10 competition results

Thank you to all who entered, by random 3 players were picked.

Winner : Erella (157800)
2nd: Dreamwalker (212720)
3rd: ~Songmage~Krystal~ (187760)

$25 pack has been added to the 2nd and 3rd place and will now contact Erella for her to choose the prize she wants.

Many thanks for making this competition a success. I will soon run another one with tons more prizes.

&& remember to checkout and enter this week if you have not already! Will let all know next week the winner and give you the opportunity to guess again.

Thanks guys!



Daisy said...

Ash, thanks for giving us more stuff to do and more opportunities...i know it is appreciated because i hear people talk about it all the time...just thought you should know :)

secretrumour said...

It is very appreciated but can we have more quests no pleeeeease ;)

secretrumour said...

Oops meant now not no lol :S

Legion, formerly Avalon now the Hermit. :-) said...

Hales Bytes World... I can see it now... The glitz... the glamor... Today Plymouth, Tommorrow The World Ha ha ha ha .... Erm sorry. :-)

Legion the Hermit. said...

I did mean to ask a serious question before that minor psychotic episode... When does the 'guessthecode' week end/begin? I tried the FAQ but can't seem to find a note?

BTW Ash... Seriously for a moment... Thank you for the best online game I've ever played. :-)

DarkAsh said...

It tells you after you enter (now). But it will be sunday night each week it will reset. So it will reset tonight so you can all enter again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

yes ash thanks for giving people more opputnity to buy plasma and drive the free players out of the game maybe u should change the main page where it says free online vampire game because that is so not true

Vinushka said...

Congrats winners! And thanks Ash.

Rez said...

Congrats to all.

Anonymous said...

Grats to the winner :D

*looks around and see's enemy prison gang, rallys friendly inmates and charges them*

For person to guess who i am and mail me saying CHARGIN MA LAZOR gets an epic prize :)

*Note: must mail me before im unbanned :D*

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