Tuesday 29 March 2011

Trik's new potion system, NEW CHARITY, April competition & new spell!

I hope you're sitting comfy...

Trik's New potions
The big update this week, is a huge evolution of the potions. Potions were brought into the game last month with the Action Aid charity packs. A half-successful feature I want to make into a full successful feature. So what's changed? A lot. There are now a huge variety of spells. From more battle blood, coven exp & money, to motivation and turns top up. Other than the different types of spells, here are the other changes:

- Potion credits (which can be bought) is used for buying the advanced potions
- Potion credits can be traded on the market!
- A variety of potions are also available for purchase with In-game money as requested.
- ALL potions (except the one off turn ones etc) are bought with a 1 hour lifespan. The main problem with the 24 blood potion was, people felt like they were wasting money as they do not play 24 hours a day. So now each of the potions last 1 hour so you can use them as you need too, this makes them more valuable.
- When potions are bought they get put in the "Your purchased" section, where you can drink for the potions to take effect.
- The majority of potions are capped. For example the turn potion is capped at 1 per day to stop people being able to to buy more than a fair amount of turns. It's to be looked at as a quick daily boost, rather than something to harvest for turns, as that's not what I want it to be.
- War exp will NOT be put into potions, please do not ask.
- Vampires under the battle protection do not appear on the "attackable vampire" list at the battle arena.
- You can send potion credits the same as you can plasma and money.
- Everyone gets a free potion credit!

New Spell! (Beta)
There is a new potion which increases your battle protection to one hour. Which is useful for those hunting in Spring Valley and getting some stamina building up. There is a counter for that, the new spell "Break Out" which elimnates ANY (including the 15min) battle protection from a player. (To counter this you can use the spell protection potion :P) Also remember everyone has a permanent 10 minute protection from spells.

As you can see, there's a lot of fun to be had here with so much going on. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.  Please note that the figures in the potion shop can change due to testing & monitoring of results and player behavior.

[ Please give feedback on the potions and spells here (bugs too) ]

New Charity
A big thank you to everyone who donated to this months Charity packs. I'll add up the totals and announce what will be donated on the next blog. We'll be supporting a new charity this month:

We'll be supporting the British Red Cross' Japan Tsunami appeal. The same bundle packs will be kept on the Buy VIP page for this campaign. And what's even better, 20% of all the proceeds from the new POTION credits will also be donated to the fund. Everyone knows what happened in Japan, we can help too.

April Competition
There was no competition in March, for that I apologise. But fear not, there is one for April, and it starts today.April's competition is to test the sense of humour of RoB players!

Click here to get the full image.

There are 2 stick-vampires at the plasma shop. Fill in the speech bubbles (with paint, photoshop, any program you want), save the image, upload it to Photobucket or Tinypic.com and send it to the ROB-BOT. The top 3 get a nice plasma prize!

Here's a quick one I did, of course yours has to be funnier than this.

Oh, and happy birthday to our boy Darion tomorrow.

Have fun, good luck & enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Morg said...

Excellent job Ash. Keep up the good work!

Deamon Whispers said...

very nicely done look forward to it ASH

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun >:)

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Super Ash!!! The game is getting better all the time! you ROCK! lol Thanks for all the hard work in updating so many goodies!

Karina 'Bunny' Noa (82837) said...

The new potions look great, will be fun to test them out. Regarding the charities, I would really like to see one that's helping Japan, are there any out there we can add to our list?

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Darion ^^

Lukas Cytes said...

Perhaps a passport potion for four hours or something for those who need to complete quests without VIP. Hell of a lot of travelling between towns to complete these things. ? ~shrugs~

Echo said...

oh yeh !!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to help Japan ... sure Red Cross the best idea ??? maybe in Britain better than USA ... in US Red Cross collected for 911 disaster ... then used bunch of the money for something else .... by the time Katrina happened many of us wouldn't give Red Cross a nickel ... Oprah took her own trucks of food and meds ... nobody in USA trusts the Red Cross .... great Idea ... maybe wrong agency ????

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