Tuesday 8 March 2011

Couple notices & Pancake crazy summary.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the pancake craziness! It was pretty amusing. Nearly 1000 of you put pancakes in your name today, obviously there's a still a big chunk that didn't, it's okay, it's cool to rebel =P Hope you all enjoy your 3 free pancakes you started with, and the additional 2 if you had "pancake" in your name.

Just a quick note also that the 100 new player blood has been removed, so please remove this from your coven guides etc. The reason for this is because the first couple ranks blood requirements are less.

You have until 11pm (game time) tomorrow night (Wednesday) to eat all your pancakes, the pancakes will be removed from the plasma packs at this time too. Oh, and for tomorrow, ALL the daily quests will guarantee at least 1 pancake for completing them.

I'm launching a campaign tomorrow night, I hope you can all support it and hopefully we can do some good. I'll blog about it all tomorrow.

See you then,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash!

dravin ryu said...

thanks ash

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

It was lots of fun and the pancakes were nummy! :D

Vampirexxx said...


Blue Storm said...

Thank you, Ash(:

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