Thursday 17 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day event extended & EXTRA turns weekend!

St. Patrick's... Extended!
Taking into consideration the weekend long hangover you'll have celebrating St. Patrick's today, you can enjoy the gold stealing and specials until the end of the week. That's something, right? So you can buy your cheap plasma, use your gold coins to buy drinks & everything else until Sunday evening. How about that.

Extra Turns Weekend(Double for some)
Everyone gets +10 turns an hour for this entire weekend!
You get +10 more turns an hour this weekend if you bought one of the St Patrick's Day packs! (If you buy one now, it will unlock the extra 10 turns an hour bonus)

Starting from tonight, until Sunday night, enjoy extra turns :)

Thanks for everyone who took part in the various feedback polls - I have read through everyone's feedback and have decided on the changes to be made to the potions. More on that next week.

The charity packs are doing well. If you can donate, please do. Remember 5% of the special packs are donated to the charity fund too. We'll run this charity campaign until the end of the month.

OH, and you can all have another free drink on me ;)



Anonymous said...

Ash, You should sober up before you give us anymore awesomeness :P

Count Ze_rojo said...

I appreciate the speedy addition of the St. Patrick's pack, and appeciate the hard work and creativity you folks send our way. Thanks Ash, and the rest of the folks that make all this possible!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AWESOME :O!! <333 Ash! Ur friken Awume :D!! Go St.Patricks Day Woot! :D

Guildythewicked said...

I have to say, this Holiday in game specials are particularly inspired. :) Bring on the BEEERS!!!!!!

VLADINA said...

RoB ROCKS !!!!

Anonymous said...

ROCK ON in RoB ... would Heaven or Hell be more Divine ????

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