Wednesday 9 March 2011

"A Bite Out of Poverty" campaign. New Charity donator packs.

A Bite Out Of Poverty
Many people have the power to help those in need, but so very few actually do. We thought it was about time that we did our part to help and now we're asking each of you to join in making this a success through your help and support.

Every penny counts.
Every little bit we give, goes a long way to help fight poverty. We have no idea how successful this campaign will be, but donating even a dollar is better than not donating anything. We hope you support our "Bite Out Of Poverty" campaign by buying at least one of the Action Aid packs. Our hope is that we can make this a big success.

How To Give.
To encourage your participation, we have made specific VIP and plasma packs that you can purchase where a percentage of the revenue goes directly to charity. (Paypal/Google only at this time)

Why do it ?
Some people may ask why get involved? The answer really depends on you! We believe this is a great way for you to get your own plasma/VIP fix while helping out a good cause at the same time, but ultimately your reason for participating is your own. We have a large community of people here and thought this would be a great way to do something for the less fortunate.

Packs available: 
- 30 VIP days, 10 VIP+ days, 1 plasma for $10
- 6 Plasma for $10
- 24 hour blood potion for $5

So when you renew your VIP next month, do it through the charity pack :)
About the charity
I've been in contact with a few charities over the last few weeks. ACTION AID has been most helpful & appreciate of this campaign I wanted to setup. I have known about them for quite some time. I like them because they're not majorly in the public eye and they do a lot of good helping with poverty around the world.

ActionAid works with local people to fight hunger and disease, seek justice and education for women, hold companies and governments accountable and cope with emergencies in over 40 countries. We want a world without poverty, where nobody goes to bed hungry.

Read more about them by clicking here

Trik's Potion Shop
What's the blood potion you ask? Good question. This kind of feature has been suggested before, whether I keep it around, or expand it after this charity campaign, is not decided yet. But, it's pretty simple. After you purchase the blood potion and use it, you have 24 hours of a blood bonus from your battles. Head over to Trik's place to check it out.

There will be dedicated page they're going to setup for us to keep track of donations. I'll either donate all the proceeds at the end or as we go.

This campaign will finish on the 31st March. Where I will review the campaign and make decisions on what to do for the future.

Any comments, questions or concerns, please post here. Or head straight over to the VIP page to check out the packs.

Thanks to everyone who's going to support this. Let's take A Bite Out of Poverty ;)



Anonymous said...

I love it. Hopefully it takes off well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Me too I hope it helps

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea, Ash. You best bet I'll buy one of that plasma pack. ^^

Anonymous said...

Awww thats cute..

Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

*Sniffle* Our Ash is growing up to a big boy who looks out for the world.

Anonymous said...

This a great idea!! And great way to do it!

Shardy said...

not a bad Idea,,


Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

This is one of the most awesome ideas ever Ash!!! Thanks so much for taking this on... and I hope that everyone who can will participate. I'm glad I waited to buy my next pack, as this is a much deeper and meaningful way to spend that money! It's no fun being hungry... have been there myself! Let's all add to the incredibly campaign and show the undead have feelings too! :D Way to go Ash!!! YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!!

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

@ Ravyn... *sympathizes* ... so true and it's the best ever! :D

Anonymous said...

"where a percentage of the revenue goes directly to charity."

Exactly what % of it?

DarkAsh said...

Thanks everyone :D and all the details are on the VIP page.

Dark August Night said...

All I can say is thank you. I have to be honest... I was kind of afraid you might blow it off when I suggested it, but I appreciate how seriously you took everything. *runs off to buy potions*

Solitaire Huntress Giesel said...

Ash this is an awesome idea! But it would be really great if you did it for the UGCards as well. I prefer to use those at this time. I'd really like to participate and help in the charity drive but need this activated at this time. Please??

Anonymous said...

Dude Ash this sounds like a really good idea... We should all contribute to this

Anonymous said...

I play many, many games, and I've yet to come across a games whose owners give so much back, and invest so much time and energy into the games, so I think I speak for all of us on Reign of Blood, when I say Thank You, we appreciate you and all that you do Ash:)

Anonymous said...

<3 Ash. Thank you.


Echo said...

If you've ever been in a shelter, or had to be in one with your children. You know how important this is. Imagine if you lost everything.

Isabella Night (80510) said...

Hope it goes really well. I will definitely donate for it. Kudos Ash.

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