Friday 4 March 2011

DOUBLE BLOOD WEEKEND! Feb comp winners, 6 new quests & loads more.

Double Blood Weekend
It's time for another double blood weekend! Starting RIGHT now until Sunday night (Game time) you will earn double blood on all PvP battles.

New Quests
You guys keeping up with the quests okay? Well this these should keep you busy for a while.

- Gem Collector I
- Gem Collector II
- Gem Collector III
- Max your Stamina
- Max your feeds
- Max your energy

Spring Valley Changes
People have been complaining lately it's harder to get Stamina in Spring Valley. Don't worry, I don't ignore you :) Here are the changes:

- Slight layout update
- You can now buy (in game money) stamina potions. These are of course capped, you can unlock better stamina potions the higher hunting skill you have.
- Because of the potions, daily quest has been increased to 125 (still down from 150)

TIP: You get 2 stamina every 5 minutes but only when you're alive. Every 5 minutes it checks if you're alive, if you are it gives you stamina. You don't need to alive the full 5 minutes to get the stamina. Just make sure you're alive after each 5 minutes mark to get the stamina.

Forum Update
The forums update last year has been very liked, I have made some more slight changes and a couple extra features.

- Fixed blank names coming up after people get deleted
- Changed around the layout a bit to make things less squashed
- Direct option to search for players posts and started threads

This update will rollover to the help, RP forums & covens soon.

February Competition winner
The total blood earned at Vadenhill since it started is: 74,147,043
Nobody got the correct answer, so the nearest person was Blood Sucker (455900)  who guessed 76,896,058.

(The Stig (159582) guessed 76,148,932,167 and would have won if he were 3 digits less =P)


Enjoy the weekend,


The Stig 159582 said...

Ahhh Damn it all...

Anonymous said...

you'e too good to us... Almost;D

Lydea Mey said...

Great updates Ash-y. Keep'em coming!!

Zylaera 150271 said...

Damn, I was going to guess 75,000,000 too but then decided to get all technical and try to calculate it.

Anonymous said...

How's that effect on Hunting Skills I don't understand you Ash.And what you were saying att all.
The human spots you and before you have chance to attack he completely annihilates you.

- 0.2 hunting skill


Anonymous said...

Oh nuts....I wish the extra blood weekend was next weekend...But heck I wish others good luck with it...Thanks Ash for more quests...Always love more things to do to earn QP...Rozzie Loves QPs....RAWR

Anonymous said...

Yaaay! More quests....Now they're building up...I don't think it's so yaaay! anymore >< :)
Still awesome.

Anonymous said...

Might I ask why it's asking for odd numbers of gems? That means we waste them. -.-

Anonymous said...

...awesome RoB just keep gettin' better and better...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just started

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